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Set-job should apply to jobs that people are demoted from/on cooldown for as thats really the only time you're ever going to use it - It currently does not work on previously demoted mayors due to the new 15minute cooldown, so it makes RDMing the Mayor even more ass for the mayor now.

Sit-refresh button, either in ULX or console, that refreshes the sits on screen. Sits get bugged on your screen a ton, and force u to relog to remove the sit, having a command that would just refresh the current sits on screen would be very nice.

Closing a sit that has expired (you have your expiry time set to 30s, you pin the sit, it is over 30s, you close the sit) should NOT close all other sits, I found that this typically closes the sits BELOW it, which may be an issue with the GUI, but is annoying nonetheless. 

Ban list in !menu should NOT reset you to the top of page 1 after editing a ban, this makes it difficult especially when extending bans as they are usually in the same period. You should also be able to use the ban menu to look at players past bans (maybe just make it somehow connect with titsrp.com/bans), as if a user logs offline/LTAPs then you of course can't tab menu them so you can't actually see their past bans without going to the website, OR have the option to view a STEAMID's past bans (if any) in the !xban menu, as this would be highly more practical

Section in the staff-only discord for an expanded MOTD which delves further into grey areas that seem to come up alot which are too narrow to actually put into MOTD. (S-mods/admins will probably do this, it would be expanded upon and updated with every new grey-area rulechange.)

Ability to spectate at position with Death-logs aswell, so that I don't need to ShowNLR then scout around for the correct death, also make ShowNLR spectate you to the most recent death and maybe allow a way to toggle between which death location you want to look at. Along with this, add being able to spectate reported users in the sit system, instead of just bring and jailtp.

Have the !warn menu wayyyy better, as it stands you cannot add playernotes unless you scroll through the list, find the persons name, then rightclick to addnote, maybe a !addnote command, or ability to use the 'Search with STEAMID' function to also add a note would be really nice, unless im doing something wrong.

Give a sit-milestone reward to encourage more sittaking, maybe make mini-mod either give more xp for staff claiming sits or something (not sure what a good bonus would be for default players)

Add the ability to !sit multiple players, along with having 'sit' as one of the options when someone requests a sit, as it saves typing !sit and then clicking the bring, now u can just !sit them, or change !bring to be that command entirely?

Allow staff to 'double return' themself/others or something, maybe have it so it saves your location before you !sit, because a lot of the time you will !sit, and then maybe have to tp out somewhere, or fuck it up, so you will most likely NOT be able to return to your original location and will have to go back to spawn in order to not abuse staff powers ! Not sure if this one is possible as it directly conflicts with the already put in place ULX command but maybe you can, or maybe its too much work.

Make sitland a safezone so that people can't take damage there, there's no point being able to take damage in sitland anyways, and most of the time the only time someone will damage another is when attempting to RDM either the staff or the sitcaller.

Give moderators the ability to ban up to 2 weeks, not sure why they're limited to 1, an extra week really isn't much and doesn't take away from the S-mod role.

Add the 'Staff teams' from Admin to S-mods instead, (CaptainT's suggestion), this means that Senior Moderators will actually be Senior Moderators and will have a group of Mods/T-mods that they are partly responsible for in terms of activity, sit-taking, and behavior on the server/forums, then make Admins directly responsible for the actions of Senior Moderators, meaning that admins still technically watch over everything, but can mainly focus on ensuring the senior moderators are doing their role as leaders instead of admins just being a senior mod with an extra discord chat.


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