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rack degrade in pickupbox

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If a printer rack degrades in a pickup box all the printers inside are no longer accessible (they get voided essentially)

How to reproduce:

have a printer rack with printers inside it , have the rack degrade while inside the box.

my suggestion on how to fix cause im not sure how u could - make it so items cannot degrade if inside of a pickup box (make the location which entities are held at whilst inside the pickup box avoid degrade timer or something)
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Making the items inside the pickup box not degrade would just be a buff to pickup boxes. Just make it so can't disappear inside the pickup box, and instead just instantly destroy itself upon leaving the pickup box (if degrade timer ended). All the printers will drop out.

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1 hour ago, Stolz Velk.ca said:

the issue with that is then people can stash someones entity's for upwards of the 5 hour degradation and fuck them when they come back on later in the day

this would only apply to printer racks though so it's not a massive issue, maybe make it so when the timer of a degraded printer rack is like 1 minute or something the user can respawn it anyways, as that way using Zesty's idea would work perfectly as the timer for degrading would be stuck on 1 second until it leaves the box

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We could possibly have it drop the rack out of the pickup box about a minute from when it degrades and that way it does not cause that issue anymore and does not make it impossible to do anything with the printers.

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