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QuinQuin ban appeal

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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?


Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I was banned for alting, this is because my IP is linked to a player named BunBun. This is because he had asked me to log onto his 2nd account to add that account to his main CC. I logged onto his account and then logged off right after he added his 2nd account to his CC.
A little while after that, I was banned by association for an ongoing money exploit, which I didn't take part of, and when he tried to log into the server onto the alt it was banned for being my alt. This was fixed after some hassle and the account was unbanned when it was proven it wasn't me!
Despite this account being proven not to be mine, when it was banned, I got banned as well, and even after he was unbanned I never got unbanned.
After that ban i did alt once, however it was only for 15 minutes, and this alt was NOT what i was banned for. I acknowledge alting was wrong to do, but having been banned for over half a year now i believe i have served my sentence and would wish to be allowed back into the community.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

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As someone who has been in contact with BunBun and QuinQuin the entire time, can confirm they are different people +1 for unban/reduction. But you shouldn't have alted after that was cringe and not good

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