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A very bad trial mod call.

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Your In-Game Name:

Jacques Mehoff

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

Yolky, STEAM_0:1:123334369

Why are you reporting this player?:

I had reported BOBO OFF THEM BENZOS (STEAM_0:0:564730794) for killing me (which was part of his raid which I found out during the sit.) Yolky took the sit and as he started to listen to our stories, he ended it with "I'll tell you what, one of you guys make a very cheap coinflip. If you win, it's a verbal, if BOBO wins, we'll drop it." I immediately cancelled the sit because I thought that was as extremely bad call on his part.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:

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Uhhh lol I've heard weird techniques before but not that. Especially when it was a rightful raid. 


Idk what punishment would come from this other than a talking to because it's his first one, but I digress. +1 For now.

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If i get two people arguing about who was in the wrong or right I'd do something like this too. Not sure why you think a report is necessary for something so small.

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only time ive done this is when i did a sniper 1v1 to reduce a 7day ban to a 6 day cuz the guy was nice in the sit among other things, i won, he got 7days. i don't think what he did was that critical of an error but I do understand how if continued it could impact greater situations, also the fact he did this in a situation where a verbal wasnt even necessary was very silly of him. From my understanding he didn't have logs so it was a "he did this" "no i did this" kinda sit so I can understand why he did it, but I think just a lil word w/ him wouldnt hurt 😛

+1 for tips and tricks

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Yea once he found out that it was a valid kill due to a raid, he should have dropped the sit . This isn’t severe because it didn’t go through and impact anyone . There isn’t going to be any punishment involved but we will talk to yolky +1

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Posted (edited)

I'm gonna go ahead and accept this not for any type of punishment towards Yolky but for him to be educated on these type of sit's. 

You gotta remember that the T Mod phase is for fucking up! it's a learning experience everyone on the staff team including myself fucked something up in some sort of way. 



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