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Some Based Ass Suggestions

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Bring back the old kidnap circle where you could place it on walls and shit. Makes Cultist RP better.




Make it so when Spawn of Hell is on the Cultists get a buff as a class of 1.25 speed (or just make it equal to that of cops)




Allow preacher to be crucified once every 30 minutes for 25 EXP on a cross Preacher stays on cross for 3 min. EXP title is "Was that 3 days?" (Cross can be placed, made by crafting 10 wood, 1 rare oak)




Add Angle pet


Add Demon pet




(How to obtain could be talked about)

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i like 3rd idea but idk about having someone with that stupid ass crucifying screen for a whole 3 minutes, would discourage people from playing preacher if it means when kidnapped they get locked in a 3minute animation

angel pet could be from mr bones preventing kidnaps, or from mrbones/security specialist shooting a kidnapped body to wake it up

devil/demon pet could be a % chance on every successful sacrifice, maybe also add it as obtainable from serial killer as it's longer to kidnap and kill as sk than to sacrifice someonen

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, supermarioben2 said:

these suggestions don't really make a lot of sense to me

Bruh how. Could I explain anything better for you. 

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2 hours ago, Succ The Zucc said:

I was thinking like the shoulder angle and devil thing. Anything really works if we can get an Arch Angle of any kind that would be best 

its spelled angel

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