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Chewbacca (STEAM_0:1:122954401) caught saying he inappropriate comments about minors

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Your In-Game Name:


Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

Chewbacca (Player [28][T-Pain])

Why are you reporting this player?:

i recorded this person saying he fucks little children or little girls on a sit. darken is witness.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

VIDEO LINK https://youtu.be/Ya02GkeQ47w
please excuse audio skip to last 20 seconds.

this person not only is being toxic while in sit, he decided to say "he fucks little bitches" which will only imply little girls video is proof enough.

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  • {GN} Isaac changed the title to Chewbacca (STEAM_0:1:122954401) caught saying he inappropriate comments about minors
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Yes I did hear them say that but I was half asleep so I didn't do a sit for it just in case and shade said that he recorded it so I suggested that he make a forum post and you can clearly hear him say it in the video


I dont know what action to take so if someone what's to help me with this

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He didn't directly say this in the video provided and technically what he said isn't really anything worth punishing however it does seem like he was baiting.

The only thing I see coming out of this is him getting verbal'd to not make those kinds of remarks anymore.

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Alright look. That title you first posted was alittle to crazy please don't do that again. First off saying he fucks little bitches does NOT mean he's implying that he fucks "minors"

and for you saying he's acting like a little bitch during the sit is extremely toxic then you taunting him by saying "I wonder who said that" will not sit right with me or the staff team.


I have def been in his shoes before where you feel like you NEED to reply to someone when they're disrespecting you. I know for a fact he felt pressured to reply to your comment and spat out "i fuck little bitches" With that being said im gonna have to -1 for any type of punishment towards Chewbacca 

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Gonna have to agree with kio here, your title was a little wild to start off and kinda just wrong.  "little bitches" does not imply that he is talking about a minor + your behavior in the sit is no bueno.  -1.

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Seems like he just gave a response to your comment, and you tried taking it out of context in an extremely un-ok manner. -1

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I couldn't help but laugh at that video. Just...bruh lmao. 


As everyone else here has already said. You took his comment wayyyyy outta context. This report is literally just because you don't like the guy and are trying to find something to get him in trouble. 


-1 From Succ The Zucc

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"Little bitches" does not imply that he likes little kids.... it sounds to me like it would mean (adult) bitches with low height rather than little girls...




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