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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

So, I was running for mayor and Kio and TSYulii were hacking it. We were having fun they did it like 7 or so times. I then rdmed them but they thought it was in good fun, and it was. All of a sudden, I'm being dragged to a sit where he said that kio called a sit on me. He then dragged kio, and kio said he didn't call a sit, but I still got warned

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

Kio didn't call the sit. It was an invalid sit and warn

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

perma warned
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Correct I didn't call a sit but I did tell Minky that I didn't care what happen. He saw you RDM me and asked if he could take care of it, I replied "I don't care do what you want" and it seems like he wanted to warn you for RDM!


With that being said I'm gonna HAVE to deny this appeal since I did tell him that I didn't care if he warned you or not. 

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