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False Warn? And Horribly Harassed.

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9 minutes ago, Beup said:

Its there, there is 3 videos. the 3rd link is at the bottom

I just watched it I don't know why I couldn't hear you but when I brought you back to the sit I could hear you fine? I don't know what happened there but I wasn't trolling I could not hear you at that 1 on 1 could only hear your first words thn it was dead silent... this sit was a mess as you could see in the video but besides the not hearing you part... I came in put my input and left... talked to briski afterwards about being more respectful and that was it. 

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You were arguing with me and koda you were being mad disrespectful like calling me a child and that stuff I said earlier I was talking to my boyfriend and I had my mic on cause he was messing with me while I was taking a sit. It is still rdm bro -1

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