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My girlfriend requirements (THESE MUST BE MET NO ACCEPTIONS!)

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                                       1. must spend atleast 8 hours everyday to play titsrp with me!


                                      2. Cannot have breast cancer!


                                      3. Must put atleast 3 hours into buying and building legos with me!


                                      4. no racism! if you are racist you will be locked in the attic with the rest of them!


                                      5. cannot be trial mod must BE A REAL MOD! (darken)


                                      6. must make fan fics about terry and joet!


                                    (genders im not willing to accept)


                                    1. male

                                   2. bigender

                                   3. androgyne

                                   4. agender

                                   5. inter gender

                                   3. demiboy

                                   4. demigirl

                                   5. atheist

                                   6. (every other gender that isnt female)






                                      (genders i do accept)

                                      1. female




                                                                                                               Thank you for your time if you meet any of the requirements please add me on discord ------------->   (CrumCrocks#8847)

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On 3/9/2022 at 3:42 PM, 1-800-Suicide said:

Riddle me this

I have cities, but no one lives. I have mountains, that no one climbs. I have water, but if you try to drink it you are in for a surprise. What am I? 


you are a map

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