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Proper punishment times and reasons.

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New Life Rule (NLR)

  • NLR exists. use your best judgement; consider the risk / losses if someone breaks NLR
  • Single NLR: verbal warning or repeat offender probably deserves a warn
  • Mass NLR, Intentional NLR or NLR involving a raid is more serious and can result in either a warn or ban. Use your best judgement on this, mass anything can result in a 7 day ban.

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Modified Player Toxicity / Vulgar Language

  • Vulgar language, racism, or inappropriate sexual comments in OOC or made repeatedly around people will result in a Warning instead of a verbal or giga-muteย for the first offense, followed by a Ban if it continues.ย 
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Changed DDOS threats to a 1 month up to a permanent ban

Change Intentional RDA with no reason to including warning users

Included verbal warning newer players for FDA

Added banning up to a month for drama, instead of just banning for a month.

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