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Piklas FailRP Report

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Your In-Game Name:

Slob On My Knob

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

Piklas, STEAM_0:0:61391449,

Why are you reporting this player?:

Piklas was raiding big nibba mario's, Sea Bears, and my base with WantedNearby, ShardMario, and a couple of other players. Piklas was the in game job of Picolas Cage and was killed by Sea Bear durring the raid. After Sea Bear and big nibba mario have died, Piklas then summons me to the cereal statue while the raid was still ongoing, and when I got back all of our entities were gone.

I double checked with a moderator and Jewann, and they both agreed that this is not allowed. By the time I made a sit though Piklas was logged off.

Ontop of this, in the MOTD it states "Since Picolas Cage is a job defined to not be permitted to raid, this means you are not allowed to continue to perform other raiding actions such as chucking C4 into their base or lockpicking, you cannot raid the base again before the normal time limit, and you cannot switch jobs in order to raid them after summoning the train. To make it simple - no summoning a train for raiding purposes". I know it doesn't explicitly talk about summoning someone, but as it was for a raiding purpose it shouldn't be allowed.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


This is the log of Piklas Dying in the raid.



and this is Piklas switching jobs to Picolas to summon me.

Here is Jewann telling me that he shouldn't summon me after he had died in the raid.


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I had personal experience with this exact thing. We agreed as admins that it is FailRP to drop a Thomas on them then raid them simultaneously. Jacket if I'm correct in the situation was assisting his party members by dropping a train on the base while they started a raid which is why the rule as it states was added. 


The rule was meant to stop people from doing this type of a thing. It's so that people could stop trying to go around NLR rules and bypass timers due to technicalities that most staff wouldn't punish for as it isn't explicitly a rule. This is more of a loophole issue of NLR than a FailRP issue. It could even be considered both from a professional standpoint of using a non-raidable class to assist in a raid and NLR as he's interacting with the people in said base after dying in the raid while it's still ongoing. 


If he's punished this should be noted in the punishment so you know to look for the behavior later if it comes up again. 

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I did not think about what i was doing at the time honestly, i was tired and in the discord call i was in i said something like omg what if i summoned the guy inside the base rn because we had fucked around with the cereal statue beforehand. I  wasn't thinking at the time that what i was doing what probably breaking nlr and i apologize. If you and your friends reaction was different when it happened i would likely have realized my mistake and immediatly, apologized and tried to rectify it. I wasn't trying to be malicious and i am sorry

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12 hours ago, Succ The Zucc said:

Jacket if I'm correct in the situation was assisting his party members by dropping a train on the base while they started a raid which is why the rule as it states was added. 

jacket never dropped trains lol rare and fendi would just do it over and over.


But yes I have been in this exact situation multiple times and people just loophole it so they made it FailRP to do so. 

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If jewann (or any smod+) said it wasn't allowed, then it isn't.


i believe that Piklas has broken FailRP (By changing jobs to intentionally assist in a raid that was going on) and NLR (by going picolas cage to aid in the raid by interacting with you, without waiting the raid cooldown), and maybe even Loopholing (by using a tactic that isn't explicitly said in the MOTD, but its obviously game-breaking if you have enough money to pull it off and overall ultra mingy and enfuriating to the victims)


I'd say +1 for the user getting punished.

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