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i got banned even though it said i had five more warnings then i would get banned

pablorock flx.gg

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imposter sussy

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Why were you banned or warned?

cause my memory sucks with commands and the admin was all mad because i forgot the command and i read the motd sevral times when i join new severs

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

cause it said i had 5 more warnings until i was banned and then i forgot the command for PD raid cause I'm used to other severs have just /advert raid not /advert PD raidw

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

1 day
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Hey I'm the admin who banned ya, so I gave you a verbal warning at first because  you are new, then I explained what you had to do in order to pd raid, you then went to PD and raided it, then died during said raid, so a sit was made and I brought you to explain what you had to properly do in order to pd raid and jailed you for 20 minutes so you could read the !motd.  Afterwards however, you went back to pd and raided again with the wrong advert, I already explained you had to type out PD Raid not just Raid in /advert and saw you moving around the jail when I asked you to the read the motd to avoid these encounters, 1 day is honestly lenient in my opinion and I feel it was deserved because you clearly didn't read the !motd properly.  Also the warn limit is there to tell you how many warns it takes to receive a ban without a staff member manually banning you, its an automated ban system. 

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He had talked to you previously & explained how to raid the pd, he also jailed you so you had time to read the !motd.

I understand you probably just forgot and made a mistake, but it's only a day ban so just wait it out.

Once you come back just please read the !motd so something like this doesn't happen again.

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Please read the rules before joining the server. Lewd definitely gave you enough chances to go over motd and understand our rules. Honestly don't see how you could forget the command /advert Pd raid...


You can wait out the ban its only a day 



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