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Exld Unban Request


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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

Failrp/False Sits

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

Both parties handled it in what I believe an unprofessional manner regarding the initial sit, and while I should not have made a sit trying to get the spawn of hell his target I don't believe that it should be constituted as failrp either. No RP scenario was relevant because a sit was made. The sit text was something along the lines of "x rdmed me and he has something to say to you"

I was returned after the point was made clearly that I should not have been making the false sits and I was lectured after requesting that I not be lectured on something that was already said. Could I have worded it nicer? Sure, I can do a lot of things to improve and reflect on that and I will do my best to ensure that I can be a better people person while on the server.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

1 day
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so what i am getting from this is you made a false sit for the purpose of Rdming the staff member who claimed the sit? sounds like a valid ban. 


-1 for now may change response based on what troy has to say


im not really seeing how this was unprofessional on troy's part. making a sit just to get your target is not allowed becuase its calling a false sit and rdm in a sit. he told you it was not allowed and it seems like you wanted to fight that point for some reason but troy wasn't feeding into it and it seems like you started to get a bit rude at that point with him. i will be keeping my decision at -1



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Troy's response
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The sit was: "Lin Davis rdmd me and he has something to tell you as well"

I bring you in, I tp lin davis.

Lin davis (probably fearing he's breaking the rules) goes, "Sorry Uhhhhh I have a target on you?"
I made sure he didn't because he shouldn't break the rules with you, this is an innocent player.

You then say, "alright listen, there was no rdm. How could you do this, you are in sitland ruining this man's roleplay experience"

I tell you that you can't make sits like this, for a roleplay reason.

You say "Technically I could" (disregarding my statement).
He says "if you are in sitland I could ask you to come" (which he didn't do, he made a sit with false rp reasoning).
I continue to tell him and he says "sure I can! SAYS WHO", then as I'm speaking, interrupts me, does says who in chat.
I tell him he can't make false sits like this (he could have asked and I would have been down for it, but he didn't ask, he made a false sit instead to entrap me).

I explain to him that if others needed my help he would be getting in the way of that, and of course he argued against that as well.

I told him to not try to find away around it because he kept justifying himself.

He explains that because he was doing Lin Davis a favor that it was okay and that he has never done this before.

In the middle of pretending to have anything else to say, he decides it isn't worth his time, says don't care didn't ask while I'm trying to educate him on this, then he kills himself to leave the sit.

I brought him back, he says, "you're not gonna ego trip on me, I can just fucking leave, there's no punishment to avoid this sit"
I return him telling him that he can't and shouldn't do things like that and the way he's behaving is disrespectful.


He then sends me several pms telling me something along the lines of Don't ego me, don't lecture, I know the rules.

I don't have these logs, but I know you guys do.


In the pms I stayed composed and told him that regardless you are expected to follow the rules.


Anyway though this was a huge fuckup on his behalf I would have banned him for longer for his willingness to loophole out of an issue and be so adamant to any Tmod, Mod, Senior Mod, or Admins' ruling.


I tried to educate him, he called it a lecture. I told him to follow the rules, he said I was ego-tripping him.
There is nothing about this appeal that I agree with.


This is a big -1 Imo, but I will always leave it up to whoever else has something to say.

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Yeah what you did was uncalled for and was infact a false sit. There was nothing unprofessional about his actions, you are the one being unprofessional about it. You are disrespectful in my eyes because of this. There was no need to do what you did and I believe Troy handled it as any other staff member would handle it. -1 from me

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