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GoatNuts - Staff Report

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Your In-Game Name:


Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:


Why are you reporting this player?:

Bias, Taking their own sits, Failing to do moderator duties, Breaking rules.

Regarding breaking Rules: GoatNuts implemented a rule below in the screenshots stating no fines are allowed, This is a clear violation of Cop Rules, Mayor Laws, Subsection 11: You cannot make laws that hinder CPs from doing their job properly (i.e cops cannot handcuff criminals, or cannot use their stun-guns, or all fines are $1 in conjunction with a law stating no arresting, PD is KOS to everyone including CPs)

Taking their own sits, Provided and is the first thing you see in the video clip below. I'm not gonna explain the situation as the video provides it already.

Failing to do moderator duties: I noticed after that incident that the moderator in question ignored all sits I filed afterwards, even some really serious ones like a guy committing mass nlr & mass rdm (I believe it is shown within the video).

Bias: More explained below. A moderator being threatened with a legitimate report, ignoring any sits from said user post-fact and then instantly giving the maximum ban time on a user with a clean record when the usual protocol is a 3 day is rather odd, Don't you think?

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

I am aware the clip is extremely long, but It's for context. A majority shows that after this sit Goat never took a single sit i filed despite some of them being pretty severe (Mass NLR & MassRDM)

Yet decided to ban me for a flat week, Despite having no rules to disprove any of my arguments and having a clean record. If I'm correct 1 week is the max and 3 days is the minimum? I find it odd how a clear record user got the straight maximum.

"Non-Complying" was put at the end of the ban, but non compliant to what? Is that even a thing?

I also noticed during writing this that GoatNuts instantly disagreed with anything i said without backing it up with a rule during the sit. Despite me providing numerous sources. in this situation you could call this a "grey area" but they didn't even do protocol of confirming with a higher up, just went straight to the ban.

All in all, GoatNuts breaks the rules He's supposed to enforce and uses any methods to get rid of users they do not like.





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Personally, the way you spoke to people in this video you've uploaded, is pretty fuckin rude, thats my biggest concern here, you literally showed no respect towards anyone. thats all im gonna say, your attitude was just, very uncalled for, maybe if you spoke to people like they're humans and not some shit on your shoe, your reports would go somewhere. 

I really just don't understand how you can talk to people the way you do, its literally beyond my mind, i am not gonna vote on here, but i will say that you live up to your forums reputation, you talk to people as if they're beneath you, all the players on our server are equal, and if you don't seem to realise that, i really don't see you lasting long here, i know we have toxic players, but even they have a moral ground, and for some reason you cannot even get a grasp of that. Also talking to our staff members, the people who are here to help u, talking to them like shit too, damn. you really don't have a single ounce of respect for anyone apart from yourself and your ego.

That's all im gonna say for now.

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alright so there is a lot going on here so lets break it down piece by piece


1st issue Taking your own sits. 

this is allowed on this server 


2nd Issue Not responding to sits?/ Mod Duties

this confuses me because i see at one point in the video you filed a report on the user for trying to kill you after cuffing.  but after the first sit in the video he did say that any sit that you called he would let other moderators handle. and thats the only instance of this happening that i can see.


3rd issue giving the maximum ban time on a user with a clean record when the usual protocol is a 3 day is rather odd, Don't you think?

Anything mass whether it be Mass NLR or Mass RDM is eligible for a 7d ban regardless of it being a first offense or not. 


4th issue regarding breaking Rules: GoatNuts implemented a rule below in the screenshots stating no fines are allowed, 

this can be addressed to Goat about not breaking the rules are the mayor. 


5th issue The ban for Mass NLR

after talking with the upper staff to confirm there is NO NLR against Terrorists during Active terrorists attacks. which would make this ban False and warrant an unban



just a personal note like jay said the attitude in the video did come across as VERY rude. especially at the end in the last sit. in the future i would recommend calming down a bit more to keep things under control. but that is a suggestion i cant force you to do anything, 

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I agree with Jay here. The way you addressed the issue was extremely uncalled for. You are allowed to take your own sit, it may not be in the motd directly, but that is one thing that staff are allowed to do. Idk about the ban, but if you werent so aggressive about it then i dont think you wouldve gotten a ban in the first place. (loa be nice)

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Agreeing with the champions above.


Having this “above all” attitude with people volunteering their time/enjoyment of the server (sometimes) to help or mediate with people who are giving them this shitty attitude isn’t cool. If I was treated this way and that user made a sit, I would say it’s safe to see that sit timeout without being taken. I don’t volunteer my time to be shit on.


GoatNuts is a T-Mod for a reason. There’s room to learn but they are seen to have potential to be put in a position higher up the ranks wether it be good attitude, professionalism, work ethic, whatever it may be. Having a good attitude and meshing well with the current team is the biggest thing you cannot teach someone, the rules and ways of staff can be taught as they go. The ban may have been unjust but this is no way to handle any of what has happened here.


I think you need to reflect inwards rather than projecting it out onto the low hanging fruit to bring yourself some temporary peace. I hope your attitude after today changes towards the people on this server that are essentially working for free.

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EpicWaffleHouse & Professional Jay Walker pretty much summed up what I was going to say.

The staff member was in the wrong because he thought people couldn't attack the terrorist again after dying, but he is trial mod for a reason and most tmods are going to make mistakes, it's how they learn. He did have a fail law as mayor though, which I'm sure he will be talked to about too.

You did have a bad attitude during the sit from the beginning it seems.

A couple things I do want to add though: staff members ARE allowed to take their own sits, there is nothing saying we are not able to, we just can't be biased. Also, mass anything can result in up to a 7 day ban (per the punishment guidelines),  it is up to the staff members discretion to choose the length, and punishment length depends on the players attitude (also stated in punishment guidelines.)

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6 minutes ago, Exiled said:

Everyone hung up on the attitude as if it's at all relevant to the story. This is not about haze's attitude. It's about goatnuts, unless I'm mistaken.

In the other threat it was said they are going to speak with GoatNuts about this stuff. 

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It's been a while since I've seen anyone act as disrespectful as you in a sit. You are painting a t-mod on a gmod server as a totalitarian dictator who is silencing dissenters when in reality, he is trying to do his job, and you are making it as hard as possible for him. Instead of having an actual conversation, you just tell him that he is wrong about everything he is telling you (he was wrong about one thing total, and that was to assume NLR applied to terror attacks which is a mistake even many experienced players make).  If you want the staff team to treat you with respect, you should treat them with respect, and reasonably bring up your complaints with higher ups rather than putting a t-mod on blast mid-sit, and acting like making a mistake should be the end of him. This report is about how Goat handled this sit, but it was also made by a player who failed to treat a staff member like a human. Goat was already talked to after the ban appeal was accepted, and that is all I believe needs to be done. I will be denying this report at this time.  Please try to be respectful of other staff and players in the future. If you can remain level headed, no staff will have an issue assisting you, or even working through their own mistakes with you.

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