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'First Time on the Job'


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So I'm roughly level 9 and have played alot of Civil Protection, No matter when I join, I ALWAYS get the "This seems to be your first time on the job, Please read It!"

This causes me to waste 15 seconds of my life every time i switch jobs. It's kinda annoying.

How to reproduce:

Be me, I guess? I don't know the conditions that may cause this.
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I don't know if you've found a solution to this yet, but you must do one of the following to make this message go away:

  1. Wait the 15 seconds for the message to disappear and then join the job (it shouldn't show again but you must wait the whole 15 seconds)
  2. Click "Details" under the job name and then click "Become job"
  3. Purchase the "Job Help Bypasser" in the Suga Shop (this will remove the 15 second wait for all jobs
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