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Perm-ban for being really dumb, and making a really stupid joke


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Why were you banned or warned?

A player asked "what is your guys' favorite anime?", or something along those lings. I replied in OOC with I think, "Boku No Pico is my favorite anime look it up and watch it!" When brought to a sit (estimated 5+ minutes later) I was confused why I was in a sit. Someone told me the show I mentioned had CP in it. I had never seen the show, only heard that it's "A really fucked up anime, do not ever watch it, ever." a while ago. So I'm not sure if it was confusion, or shock, or I just thought it was funny to finally know what it was. I ended up not taking the sit seriously at all, and being fairly disrespectful to the mod. I then @'d jack on discord asking why I was banned, etc. and trying to defend it as a joke "it's a cartoon!" Which was basically my way of trying to not be banned for making a joke... by making another one. i honestly just tried to show it was a joke by joking about it more. Looking back at the original awful ban appeal and the screenshots, I mostly just tried not to get banned by going off technicalities, or semantics because I don't think he would accept "I didn't actually know what it was" after I tried to make a joke to show it was a joke etc. cause the mod told me what it was... and at the time i thought it was funny because of how I was told about it in the first place. So then I got perm banned.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I honestly didn't know saying that would be that malicious. I eventually thought about the fact that someone might've looked it up, which could've pretty been bad. but since it has CP I would assume it's illegal and not available online, I'm not sure though, I didn't look into it for obvious reasons. I thought something would be funny to say, without knowing the real context of the situation, and then reacted poorly to knowing that i was getting banned for what i thought was a joke. I also don't watch anime in general, so if jack really thought I was trying to defend the show itself, not sure what to tell you besides I've never seen it, and wouldn't condone people watching it or it being legal.

Who warned/banned you?

Shit Ass and Jack Johnson

How long were you warned or banned for?



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The other part of me being stupid after being banned.
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The thing you suggested for someone to look at was literally anime cp, and then you claim to not know what it was, only after you were banned for it. This is a typical appeal where the blame is just passed onto someone else passively, “I didn’t know what this was, I had no idea it’s not my fault I know of it bla bla bla” 


Whatever is said below, my opinion won’t change, you did a fucked up thing and then proceeded to spam Jack Johnson’s dm’s on discord, I can’t remember what but I do know that you didn’t stop for a while. 

also it was only in august that you were banned too ik pretty sure, that ain’t enough time to unban you imo + I don’t want you back, disgusting




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Your original ban was for telling people to look up animated child porn. Im pretty sure it was only a week. After you've been banned, you contacted me on a discord asking why you were banned since i guess Shit Ass didnt do the sit properly. I dont remember alot of it so...

The only reason why you actually got perma'd is because you tried to justify it. Saying "Its just a cartoon" after me stating the fact that its child porn is literal retard move.

Im not gonna mention all the insults after your appeal + report on me got denied, since i understand it might've been out of anger.

Imo, all you really had to was admit that you were wrong.


If you want my opinion, i'd be down to unban you. Im convinced at that moment your brain just turned off. But next time, perhaps try to understand both sides before calling me a groomer....

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