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Why were you banned or warned?

i was banned for massrdm nitrp, i threw a grenade into a group of people while they were doing a drop party, honestly was an accident, was trying to switch to my inventory pickup in main town square killing 3.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

incorrect ban time, or even a false ban, i don't know as this is the first time i have been banned. i have not even been warned. i think it might have been a little bit of a overreaction, i have never been in a sit, warned or even talked to by an admin about any wrong doings, white crow was in the middle of the drop party when it happened teleported me to him, never gave me a chance to talk left me there to go back to the drop party and then when others started massrdming after he came back over i was trying to apologize and said he said yea I'm just going to ban you for massrdm. as for the nitrp, i was a thief looking for some loot (base to raid) which is why i had the grenade in my hotbar to begin with. i have always played on this server with the intent to rp. i'm just new to darkrp, and don't have a great understanding of the game. and am trying to learn i don't know what else to say, other then sorry for what i have done and hope to be playing again soon. even if the bans are not reduced or removed i'll still happily come back to playing with you guys, because i watched the rest of the situation unfold and the others who started rdming right after i had killed those three and was teleported and stuck. so i sorta understand where he was coming from i just know what i did was an accident and i think a week was a little steep. )

Who warned/banned you?

White Crow

How long were you warned or banned for?

1 week.
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i don't have evidence sorry, i didn't even think i was going to get banned, i think it was just unlucky a group started to rdm right afterwards. i have friends who were playing at the time who were even at that drop party, but there was no sit he walked up to where he teleported me, asked me not to do that. where he teleported me i got stuck. i asked him for help moving me out of the position, but this was after the other two started rdming,  and he moved me and froze me and the others that were i that situation" and then i recived that ban.

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5 hours ago, POOPMAN said:

after he came back over i was trying to apologize and said he said yea I'm just going to ban you for massrdm.

i will wait to see what White crow has to say before i decide.  but if this was the case i feel like it could have been handled better. yes you threw a grenade and killed 3 people but the fact that you tried to apologize for it shows that you werent just trying to minge and kill people and i feel like a warn would be a better way to handle it than just banning you for 7 days since its your first offense of this happening. were you brought to a sit at all before you were banned? or just left in the main town area?



answered my own question i see that you stated you were never brought to a sit, this definitely could have been handled better 




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At the time there were several people massrdming at the drop party it seems like through your effort to appeal I can truthfully believe your story however accidental or not I don't know really what I can do you you at the moment with NITRP more or less being a secondary charge to the matter. I honestly don't know what you are looking for in terms of punishment. Punishment is still needed.

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