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Request for retraining on deck

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Deck (STEAM_0:0:65845209)

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failed to handle sit properly

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hello there, i dont normally like to report people or even come onto the threads but tonight a sit of mine was handled so improperly it really bothered me. This is what happened, so i was in my base with my friends a guy named Not_Phantom kept breaking NLR coming into my base trying to kill me, he tried a total of 6 times and succeeded in killing me once. My sit was taken by starlight who is new and had just logged onto the server. He did not have log so he brought deck who had about 1 hour and 45 mins on the server. I told him my issue, I even submitted logs to starlight and deck in both copy paste in the chat (ALL 6 LOGS AS WELL AS ME PMING NOT_PHANTOM TO STOP COMING BACK OR I WOULD REPORT) as well as photograph I took. He claimed he couldnt see any logs, and then went afk for a number of minutes. After being in admin area for 20 minutes and nothing being done (not_phantom was never even contacted about this sit or brought) not_phantomended up leaving while the 2 admins did absolutely nothing. I provided all logs and all that and deck told me that "Staff will not take logs from any player". Which is ridiculous because than what's the point of user submitted evidence such as video and all that both in-game and on the forums. I asked them to just bring him so we could talk it out, and they denied all my requests. I basically sat in adminland for almost 20 minutes with nothing getting done and i ended up leaving due to how unhappy i was. I would like to request that deck and other trial admins are retrained with the NLR tools and with how they take sits as this has never happened before. anyways, deck please dont take it personally like i said but you guys really messed this one up. this was the most textbook massnlr case ive ever seen in my life, and with 30 minutes absolutely nothing got done. thanks have a goodnight

here is the photo evidence i submitted of not_phantom breaking NLR 6 times.


here is deck claiming staff cant take any logs or evidence from players


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Listen. I understand that you're very upset that somebody broke the rules, but first of all it wasn't even my sit. The t-mod that originally took your sit was starlight. Starlight asked for my help with the sit, so I came over and you were there for barely 5 minutes. It was taking a long time because I believe the NLR logs were not working properly. It was only showing 1 skeleton inside your base, so I decided to spectate the positions of death to make sure that you weren't just running out and killing him when he was outside your base. We couldn't bring the person into your sit because he left. Me and starlight went through the logs and determined that he did MassNLR and he was banned for 5-7 days, I left the decision up to starlight as it was their sit. We understand how to use the NLR tools, but they weren't showing the proper logs that we needed to quickly assist you, therefore it took longer. I would also like for you to understand that me and starlight both became trial-moderators less than 3 days ago. We are sorry that we couldn't check through your 40 logs of you shooting people and killing people in 2 minutes, if there was a higher-up online I guarantee you they would have been called. Have a nice day.


EDIT: I told you that I'm not going to take your logs as evidence, because saying "DONT COME BACK OR ILL REPORT YOU" doesn't prove anything. Either way, I can see the logs that you were posting, you do not need to post them. Either way, whether you did it or not, you can edit the logs you post in chat to your liking therefore it wouldn't be a good idea to just take your log and go "oh okay i'll ban him for 7 days." You also left the server during the sit before we banned him, leading you to have the false idea of "absolutely nothing got done".

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Do you have any video evidence of the entire sit? The evidence your provided doesn’t really help me understand what they did wrong.  Please provide if you do.  I am sorry you feel your sit was mishandled. I will speak to deck about the situation see if he needs any help understanding our tools. I will check with who trained deck to make sure they were properly trained. One thing you should remember deck has never been staff on  this server before he is new. With time he will get the hang of how to staff and handle situations. I will also speak with the senior mods about training. Make sure everyone is getting properly trained. If you don’t have anything to add this will be closed 

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Most NLR cases only end up in a warn or verbal I understand how he "failed" this could've been just a simple misunderstanding through logs you cant necessarily see NLR directly however you can use the SHOW NLR command.

However I don't think this deserves a retraining he was a tmod at the time and most likely learning for the most part.

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  • For starters whoever took the sit is in charge of the outcome that happens at the end of the sit. Deck in this situation came to provide the logs for the staff member who actually took the sit



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