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Ideas for the Halloween Update


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These are my ideas to make the Halloween Update more ebic and spooky!


* It is permanently night during Halloween.

I am not sure how the day/night system works on the server but I am fairly sure it has one because that's what the goons use to spawn, my idea is for Halloween it will be night the entire day, and because it's night the entire day goons spawn much more frequently every 10 minutes instead of 20, which makes roaming the DarkRP streets alone much more scawy!


* Pumpkin Crates spawn around the map and very frequently during Halloween.

Everyone thinks Pumpkin Crates are really good but you can only get a few items from them at most, so I think it would be cool to find a lot of pumpkins around during Halloween, maybe instead of regular lootboxes it's instead pumpkins and they spawn twice as often as regular, also maybe killing a Level 3 Goon drops pumpkin crates aswell for a prize of defeating the scary monsters.


* Jigsaw, Michael Myers and Chucky all can be played whenever during Halloween (they are temporary not legacy jobs)

They are all scary Halloween jobs so it would make sense for them to be played whenever during Halloween, plus Jigsaw teleporting to people can potentially cause new players to get jumpscared which is exactly what we want on Halloween!


* Spooky Ambience should play and the map should be extra foggy and dark!

I don't know if this would require getting gallium to make a seperate version of the map or if it can be accomplished with GLua, either way it would be cool to have TitsRP be extra spooky since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!

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I have a few cool things for a pre Halloween update I will probably push the first week of October. This would mainly include Halloween-themed minigames, props, etc but the main Halloween update will be scheduled closer to Halloween night. 

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8 hours ago, supermarioben2 said:


Everyone thinks Pumpkin Crates are really good


5/6 say no... 'everyone' is invalid... which leads me into another thing, please buff crates. mainly tier 3s @Rubikyou're active here buff crates in halloween update it could be like oh my god spooky you're actually getting money oh my god wtf so scary your crates are good now wtf


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added the screenshot thing...
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