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Pet Suggestions Megathread


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TitsRP players,

Please post your pet suggestions here. Your suggestion must come with a link to a model for the pet.

If I deem your pet suggestion worthy, I may entertain its addition to the "Tits Roleplay" codebase.


Warm Regards,


Chief of Pet Entertainment (COPE)



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5 minutes ago, frank fontaine said:



its a raccoon and it can do raccoon things like biting people and giving them rabies as well as carrying STDs

This guy has loads of great models but he never rigs & animates them. Unfortunately we can't add much of his stuff because otherwise it will just slide across the floor.

Out of his stuff, what we can add is stuff that sits on your shoulder or floats in the air (without animations) naturally.

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omg lets add an hourglass pet that puts you in a point where you can't do anything but you can't take damage for 2.5 seconds then goes on cooldown for 120 seconds idk it is a cool idea that I came up with by myself.

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