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Report on Malicious

Telly G

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Your In-Game Name:

Telly G

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:


Why are you reporting this player?:

Constant unprofessional behavior, ignoring sits from me when they're actually needed, endless minging at every opportunity.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

This is a pattern of repeated behavior that no one will do anything about because he often does it when little staff but him are on. And he always seems to be right behind me no matter where I go to minge me. I'll try to get video but it's hard to just constantly record footage of every second I'm playing gmod just in case malicious or his friends might abuse me.

Merhaculous got told off a few weeks ago to stop continually harrassing me as being staff it wasn't his job to constantly fuck with someone until they wanted to never be on the server for in fear of being on at the same time as them. Malicious clearly hasn't gotten the same memo, and from what I can tell his general lack of professionalism and constant minging isn't just directed towards me and has gotten many reports directed at them. It certainly is strange how he's always prepared to be able to be the most of a minge as possible at every opportunity.


Things malicious has come up and just stolen from me so far: At least 3 tier 2 crates, a treasure hunter chest the instant I dug it up earlier today, An epic weapon as I was enchanting in the ocean, 520+ wood the moment It was expelled from a crafting table. He wasnt there until it's he's able to steal something valuable from me and suddenly he's there picking it up, like always. 


He will mostly steal from me at suspiciously convenient times, but he will also ignore over and over when MRDMers are being reported upon especially it seems when I make a call on them.  It's worse than not having staff on because people think someone is here to do something about it. If it's not targeted harrassment, it certainly ends up feeling like it and I dread any time I see Malicious or his friends on because it's inevitable that they're going to be minges towards me and ruin my day even though I stopped basing over two months ago because of all of them. 


I'm learning to use shadowplay, seems simple enough but it's gonna be hard to catch Malicious in the act since he often just appears out of nowhere to gleefully abuse me. Hopefully this will at the very least end up with less toxic staff in the long term. 

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I'm always roaming and if i see that someone's got items dropped I'll take them like anyone else would it's not like i'm only stealing your wood tier 2s treasure hunter chests it's just natural instinct to steal anyone's items I didn't even see that it was you, I don't expect what u want me to do? I don't even interact with you until you quite literally told me to die after stealing your 500 wood? and i do take sits sadly, you're saying that i'm always behind you but sorry if i wanted to ruin your day I'd be getting hits placed on you on a 10minute basis but I'm not I don't even speak to you I've also banned 3 MASS RDMERS TODAY with no sits being made on them if you need proof i can provide that, and if you think that I'm harrassing you please provide evidence or find a way to.

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like i said to you  i was raiding and i told you to remake the sit and you didn't instead you started saying "you're pissed at me so your not taking my sits" i clearly told you to remake the sit due it expiring overtime, and why should i accept your apology after you made a report on me and knew you was in the wrong but kept going on with it and saying it was my fault don't expect anything to be in your favour with an attitude like that.

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Please provide evidence without any type of evidence. Nothing can be done and this will be closed. I suggest you record your gameplay, then delete it after you are done playing. If you have an issue with a staff member and you feel they are not treating you right or doing their job. Talk to smod+ about it also if you do chose to make a report. Have evidence to back your side.  


Plz provide evidence  or this will be denied 

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