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Tier 3 Lootcrates

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So over the past 2 weeks I've won a total of 4 leaderboards, and purchased 6 Tier 3 Lootcrates using a Prestige token. This is 18 Tier 3s total, and out of it, I have gotten a decent amount of crafting items, some bad legendaries and a ton of dogshit items that I sold to the general buyer for next to nothing. Tier 3 Lootcrates really don't feel worth it right now, 90% of the time you open one you will not get anything good out of it, except maybe a few Trishas and SBC cannons and the odd legendary. For an item that you can ONLY get from competing and winning a leaderboard or grinding to level 50, prestiging, and spending your prestige token on 6 of them, they really, really, do not feel worth the time and effort put into them.  I've seen more "rare" guns (rare as in enchanted not valuable items/sweps) in Tier 3s than I have legendaries or epics. Now yes, this may all be down to my poor luck, but considering how good they used to be, and how bad they are now, it can not only be me who is noticing a severe lack of value in these crates.

Below is a screenshot of my 2nd crate opened from winning 2 of this weeks leaderboards (the first crate had one legendary, an epic, wood, spirit jars and cereal if I remember correctly).
I do not see, how this shit, is worth grinding for. This is something you'd think you'd see at the black market/auction house npc after someone's opened 20 tier 2s. What the actual fuck. 

Please just buff tier 3s man, or lootcrates in general. 

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+1 t3's aren't worth to open them a good  buff would be adding another 10% chance to getting artifacts or higher, upping the chances  higher possibility to get dragon eggs and also more of a chance to get more than 1 vip token decrease the chances of getting rares would just be for the best.

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14 minutes ago, Phantasy said:

I think they should have more items in them. This would mean a higher chance to get something better. I opened 1 and was a little disappointed only getting 8 different things.

I think the amount of loot each crate has in them is okay, it makes it not seem too op, but more the value of the actual loot itself is more important. Increasing the amount of slots in a tier 3 and not buffing the loot table simply means next time I'll get 6 rares and 3 legendaries instead! While yes slightly better, I'd much prefer having 8 items of better quality than terrible quality high quantity lootcrates.

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Hey guys did you know the amount of grinding you have to do to get a tier 3 is fluid ? its only as much as top leaderboard holder is willing to grind for the boxes. I dont thin buffing the reward is necessary. If someone is willing to farm 50 thousand barrels in a week for 3 boxes that is their business 🤷‍♂️

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