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ban me when i was afk wtf

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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

"player toxicity"

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

1. when the sit was happening i was afk, 2. as i know, the only evidence of me being toxic is a audio file, and the player that accuse me (i don't even remember his name lol) told that was me, he pm me that shit and i was like "dude idc" like if it is only a audio file it could been anyone and i dunno why he is accusing me

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

1 week
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Hey Queso, I banned you during the sit because I waited for about 17 minutes and 33 seconds. I had other sits to deal with as well. To be completely honest, I would've loved to sit and wait for you to come back after you weren't there for, 1H to more and get your side as to why you did what you did. As Lean has already given, the mp3 file of what you have done, which was telling a player to kill themselves, and in my eyes, I don't see it very cool that you don't care that you said it in the first place. As Lean said, it is your voice, it is recognizable, and the fact that you told him that you told him that you don't care, just makes it more obvious. To be honest, I'll take the blame for banning you while you were AFK, I never knew that I shouldn't have done that, but it doesn't excuse from the reason you were banned and the ban itself. Being honest, don't dodge what you did, again, banning you while AFK is my fault, but it doesn't take away from why you were banned.


The scenario that I was told was that you kidnapped someone, and as batman (the role he was playing) he zip tied you, like the role should. After you were restrained, he tells me that you called him retarded and told him to kill himself, which matches with the audio. After even you saying what you said in the audio. The guy at the end says, "thank you Batman" which just puts the story into place. After that, he pmed me about what happened and you know the rest.


https://skeet.lgbt/z65167aa.mp3 - The link again


Edit #1 - Below is Dr. telling me what happened, for clarification. (Apologies I can't get the insert image from URL to work)



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ok, it's kinda funny that the only evidence you got it's a mp3 file and a mod saying "thats his voices" i don't think that enought evidence to ban me, i dunno why that dude it's mad at me at the point to getting me in trouble, but dude not even a image of me, just a audio file and im banned, not te be rude but thats kinda dumb, and the pm i send, it was because this dude was like, "yo dude watch this is the evidence" and i find that annoying and pm him "idc" cuz i really don't care about that shit until im the one that gets ban:/

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I know Queso's voice very well, he's a good friend to me but saying stuff like this isn't tolerated just because you're a well known player however!  I don't think this deserves a week ban, this is Toxicity or Vulgarity at best which should have been a warn or if this was a continued offense like if he has a warn for this already it should have been like 1-3 days, I'm going to +1 this for a shorten'd ban to 2 days at best. 

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