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What happened to the real RP days?

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Just now, Tuss said:

currency reset would do nothing, people are hoarding items that sell for a bunch like c4, someone with 500 c4 could easily sell 300 of it and be back to grinding and ahead of everyone else.

that is a good point

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Just now, RAY RAY said:

i mean you said "i think the community has dug itself a hole to far for it to climb out of." then what do you recommend ?

i dont know, im not going to recommend something that i havent thought out the consequences of yet.

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1 minute ago, antfucker98 said:

If You're proposing that everything gets wiped, bad idea. Think of the people that spent IRL money on suga in order to get some of the shit they have. If they got wiped, they'd basically be getting robbed of their money. 

Im not really proposing anything just wondering everyones view on it and giving mine. But i will say server wipes arent a super uncommon thing either

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3 minutes ago, antfucker98 said:

With the amount of IRL money some people have put into the server, if it were to get wiped I'd guess that would be the end of TitsRP. I'd bet a million dollars that if they wiped everything, at least 30% of the people who have spent real money would charge back. And tbh, rightfully so. But, I believe that the owners wouldn't do that to their player base. 

Yeah I feel you on that, but on the other hand I also look at it like think of how many new players we would gain. How many people could come and everyone begins with a fresh start and no unfair advantage. It would be a gamble but I know a lot of new people come on and dont come back because they have a 100% chance of  their base/shop getting raided by a overpowered CC with c4, mat bombs, etc. But instead of a wipe removing a lot of those things making it unfair would help a lot

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best thing to do to simulate a reset would be for the owners to make an exact copy of the server, wipe everyone on the copy, and let players join as they please. see how it works out and if it doesnt, just shut the server down like nothing happened.

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People complain about how basing sucks, basing only sucks because all the ways to make money suck. Defending a base is easy if you actually know how to build and not just make the same base as everyone else, everyone knows how to raid those very basic dupes because they are all the same thing pasted into another building.  Another reason why people don't base is because raiding is also pretty easy being able to throw timebombs, timebombs only need to be thrown because the bases are so large now. I think the map is poorly designed with all the buildings being huge empty warehouses (basing spots). I miss the simpler times when raiding was C4, blowtorch, lockpicking. To me Mat bombs were a good addition that changed the fence meta which was a very stupid way to build but when the new map came out with the very large warehouses bases evolved to a point of being unraidable so the easy solution was throwable c4 or timebombs which people will hide behind a wall and only peak to throw the timebomb into the building. I don't think Sugar or the other high ranking staff understands the basing/raiding side of darkrp and how important it is. I think the problem is that new players don't understand how to base on here so they don't bother to raid or base which leaves the rich players who know how to the only ones using things like printers or procs so they end up getting nerfed which means even less incentive to base.  I understand this isn't about basing but I think that basing and raiding is just as much RP as playing as a CP or gun dealer, that's the whole point of criminal jobs which in darkrp should be the best way to make money in my opinion. I think the way the server was years ago had a very good balance between raiding/basing/running around the streets. Sorry for messy rant, I probably did not explain things very well ahaha.

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7 hours ago, Sticks said:

wiping the server would result in 70 % of players and staff leaving and not coming back. worst idea ever proposed

I dont think anyone is really proposing any ideas lmao, this is just an open discussion for peoples opinions.

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