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"give (amount) unique players Coronavirus"

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there's a quest which is "give (amount) unique players Coronavirus which is a glitched quest due to me going as pig and eating all the crops and drugs then when i'm max level of pissed it bugs out and doesn't give them coronavirus prior to me going preacher and using my bible on a player.

How to reproduce:

it is a glitched quest and it should either be fixed or it shouldn't be a quest.

i've tried to do this quest many times over the couple of weeks it's a random quest you can only do with pig which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't i'm 2/6 i've tried it about 10times with people in the same area with me within a chunk radius no and it's a really low percent for it to work.

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this has been glitched as long as i can remember. i think i have a video somewhere of me proving it didnt work back when it was still ebola. you can sit next to a crowd of people and cough and infect 5 people and nothing will change.

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The way it works currently is when you go pissed you give everyone around you (within a certain distance) coronavirus. You get quest progression for each player that you infected. For the July update I've also added one new way to give players coronavirus. This quest hasn't had a lot of attention, I agree it needs improvement. 


For the July update I increased the radius slightly for giving other people covid when you cough. I'll leave this open, so do report back if it doesn't solve the issue. 

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