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Pick the next map for TITS.GG

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Starting today (6/14/2021) players can vote on the map we use for each server. We've also added a new landing page for the Rust servers (https://tits.gg) where you can view real-time stats such as current players online, current map size & seed, and server uptime. 




To get started, click the MAPS button on either server to go directly to the maps specific to that server. Alternatively, you can go to https://tits.gg/vote.



Authenticate with Steam, then select which server you want to vote on.. Here, WEEKLY is selected. The maps below are specifically for the Weekly server.

You get one vote per wipe per server. That means once a map is chosen and new maps are generated, you will be able to vote again. 

As a Supporter, you will get a 3X vote multiplier. As a Lifetime Supporter you get a 4X vote multiplier. That simply means your vote counts 4 times. 




A preview of each map will be shown, but to view more specific details such as heat maps, biomes, rivers, etc click DETAILS




On wipe day the map with the most votes will be selected and pushed to the server! Remember the Weekly server wipes twice as often as the Bi-Weekly so you can vote more frequently on those maps. 

If you have any questions / suggestions, feel free to reply to this thread or reach out to me on Discord. 🙂


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