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Unban request

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In-Game Name


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Why were you banned or warned?

Mass RDM

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

Joined the server for all but 20 minutes if that. Within the first 5 minutes I got arrested and fined for walking down the street on the sidewalk all for "jay walking". Then when that was over with I was trying to set up a base / shop where I got arrested again for "Jay walking" and fined put in prison for another 3 /4 minutes maximum. How the fuck are you going to allow this to keep happening?

I reported it 3 times the admin that dealt with me, literally no sympathy at all or help to defuse the situation going on an all out ban of a week all because I retaliated. I reported the arrests there was admins online no one responded then you act surprised when someone reacts to it? At least a warning would've sufficed and then you can make the decision to ban me afterwards if I carry on but this is kinda bullshit.

Who warned/banned you?

Lewdtastic (STEAM_0:1:93170943)

How long were you warned or banned for?

7 days
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Hey there, I was the SMod that banned you for MassRDM, post here are the logs where you killed the same guy and a few others as well as the sit you made only once. At the current time I wasn't around to see the sit so I'm sorry for that but that is no excuse to kill cp.6B5E9F8922D603A68C1812A276427AA3219B01BA


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Further evidence for your fines was that you were Jwalking and you killed someone which you were then arrested for from these screenshots.A8DCE2D20C403AD6FC5A8AD4DA6FBE38794DB9AB

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As I said before I'd put through the @ request each time I got arrested / shot at / etc. You said you wasn't around but there was another admin online I don't remember the name that didn't respond. And I constantly got abused by all the cops so I retaliated to it as there was no one else helping.


So how you going to expect someone to just sit there and allow it to keep happening until an admin does respond? Seem like BS.

It's not  the first time i've been on this server either but this is the first time this has happened getting job abused within such a short period of time. But like I said above as well why didn't I get a warning and straight in for the 7 day ban? 


It's all well and good showing the evidence of me jaywalking which I wasn't. I was walking on the side of the road got shot at, got arrested I mean c'mon what am I supposed to do just allow that shit to keep happening and report it for what nothing to happen to the people abusing?

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I legit came into the server to RP like I have done prior and this whole experience just leaving a bad taste in my mouth because of there being a lack of care and allowance of abuse to go on.

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Okayy so you think because staff didnt come to help you right away. That gives you the right to rdm players no. If you took a second to think, you could have easily dealt with these players without getting yourself banned. You could have reported them on fourms, demoted them from their job, or IF All staff are afk not actively taking sits .Feel free to use vip kick or ban. I have no sympathy for players that try to  handle these type of situations with rdm. I understand it can get frustrating not getting help, but staff are humans too and sometimes just busy. Thats why we have other options in place for situations like this.  Personally i wouldn't unban you because why would you think its okay to handle stuff by breaking the rules. Especially expecting to get a warn out of it. But if lewd feels like being nice , why not

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Okay, so you can use RP commands like /demote to take someone off of a job which sure you probably didn't know that, you broke a rule that's on the first page of when you first login to the server. (DO NOT take rule violations into your own hands, someone else breaking the rules doesn't mean you get to and you can be punished too), according to Lewd, you where very non-compliant & disrespectful when it came to him trying to explain to you what you did wrong (and I've known Lewd for a while, he's not an ass unless you are an ass to him 😐), and last of all: "Just got arrested for jaywalking... grabbed me straight off the street as I was about to buy a house" (kekw).


6 hours ago, Swishy said:

I legit came into the server to RP like I have done prior and this whole experience just leaving a bad taste in my mouth because of there being a lack of care and allowance of abuse to go on.

It also doesn't seem that you've tried to read the rules since you decided to break the rules thinking it was okay.


You may wait out your ban, it's your decision if you'd like to return. DECLINED

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