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King needs more jobs related to him

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I have noticed that the king has only one (two counting assassin) jobs related to him I am here to make some suggestions to fix that.
The Cleric
The cleric is a healer first and foremost and can heal from longer ranges than anyone else
Weps: Cure wounds, Mace, and Mass healing word

Objective: Keep the king and his cohorts safe from harm

Not meant for combat so the cleric has only 25 armor and 100 Hp 
The Paladin
The Paladin is a Tanky-er unit then other king jobs specializes in melee combat
Weps: Warhammer & Shield and Healing Hands
Objective: Run down intruders and heretics with a warhammer and keep other combat units alive.
Might add more later

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Honestly another idea I had to make kingdom better would be to make it an actual kingdom instead of flatgrass,

Now I know that this would require a v3 of the map however sugar keeps saying he's gonna do it, get's community feedback and then forgets or something but yeah honestly having another seperate area similar to sitland but instead of flatgrass it's like a small castle with maybe some market stalls or something would also be pretty cool. And it would give people an actual area/base to defend so they're less likely to try and camp the portal because it's hard to secure a base when it's literally nothing but flat.

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