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My mistake by joking about DDOSing.

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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

Well you see, recently the server has been crashing alot, so i went to say that i "DDOSED" the server as a joke in fourms chat.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I honestly regret and will forever learn from my mistake, i forgot that you can get banned for this long for saying something like that, i am very sorry, if i hurt anyone i am sorry, i sometimes forget about senstive topics are bad to joke about, i will never do anything like this again.

no exuses

Who warned/banned you?

Jack Johnson

How long were you warned or banned for?

4 weeks

I am sorry and i promise i will never do this again.. if it gets denied oh well.

thanks for reading



Sevv Today 12:32 AM
i just ddosed the server lol

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Why would you ever say this tho? Wheres the funny?


Anyways, me and Blue have decided to only ban you for a month because we knew you were joking but you still shouldnt have said that.

I have no problem reducing your ban, but i'll wait for other staff to respond their opinions.

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At least you can acknowledge that it was a dumb thing to say, it was pretty bad timing to make that type of joke when the server has been encountering connection issues lately. 

But as you know, a joke about DDOS’ing leads to a big punishment, and leniency isn’t normally given, but from what I see about you in game, you’re chill and a pretty decent person who made a silly decision. You seem genuine about this appeal.


Honestly, I will +1 for a ban time reduction, just don’t do this again man.

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 I know you ingame and your a cool guy. But wtf did you think was gonna happen when you say shit like that. I think you need some time to think about what youve done. Its never ok to joke about ddosing regardless of what our rules say. Alot of people are only sorry for what they do because its not ok according to the server rules and instead of how its morally wrong as a person. But I know people make mistakes, everyone says shit without thinking i dont think a month ban is worth that maybe a week or 2. +1 for shorten

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Me and the admins were talking about lowering the ddos ban amount to put into perspective situations like the above, a month was only given due to that being the minimum for ddos threats (jokes are taken seriously somewhat, in the sense we want to make it clear we dont like those kinds of jokes.)

Due to the nature of the situation, and the discussion that was had, I will totally support a reduction to one week, and will let you know that I gave the go for a month ban, again due to it being the minimum amount of time that can be given, which is currently up for consideration of being changed

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sevv you are a cool dude , but you are lucky this wasn't longer.  The ban should stay and not be reduced at all.  Does not matter if its a joke.. You don't joke about ddosing the server no exceptions. Everyone knows this,you know this. You are not new to the server. 




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Technically our guidelines only say to punish for a ddos threat, but this was a claim >:)


In all seriousness though, while you shouldnt have said it, it was at a time when the server was experiencing lag, and was pretty apparently a joke. +1 for reduction.

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