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i have returned

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When it comes to basing:


Printers were buffed, then nerfed to the ground (Print amount decreased heavily, they slowly heat up and the only way to lower the heat on them is to take them out), though I believe a buff is coming back to printers.

Degrade timer on tokens is buffed to 8 hours instead of 4, but might not be in the server currently.

A lot of new fish + quick rod.

10 extra levels, but I believe the xp to completely max out your level was lowered slightly.

Few new talents.

People baby raged about the mp5.

I believe plots are the current meta for making money, so if you feel like grinding, that's the method.

There were a fair bit of changes, we also got a new developer.



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It’s not fair that all the staff on your appeal saying people can change and shit and then the exact opposite on tuss appeal. Anyhow welcome back suga did cocaine a instead of fixing bugs made a bird ion that’s Ight ig

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