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Ban Appeal

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In-Game Name

Mike Daniels

Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

Accused of cheating/AA, the moderator basically made the report no one else. according to what he said "I have video evidence of you aimbotting" The video he recorded of me is this. https://medal.tv/clips/3B9HuUsbFj615/thHW3dX2czxS

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

The ban was completely ridiculous, https://medal.tv/clips/3B9HuUsbFj615/thHW3dX2czxS was Tass evidence and I denied cheating. In the video my character snaps and shoots up at the sky which couldve been easily my sensitive small ass mouse. I prob dropped it keep in mind prior to the events this was like 10 minutes after and I was tped, completely confused. . Slightly pissed since now this will be on my record. It should also be noted Tass was spectating me and found that I wasnt even aim botting or snapping. Just one video of me looking down and snapping up at the sky shooting it. Its tass word against mine but in his words "video evidence" basically of me snapping upwards shooting at the sky. I was just rping with some people I met on the server before being randomly teleported and accused of said cheating. I would like to be unbanned since I didnt even kill anyone or cheat, it was just completely made against me based on suspicion in which he made a video of me shooting at the sky which is ridiculous to claim to be aa. Ive been a member of the server for a while and even donated I have no need to cheat :/ I get the snapping being a red flag but I swear It was most likely my wireless mouse since I usually leave the sensitivity high. If I do get unbanned (prob wont) can this be taken off my record? I dont like being accused of cheating :/

Who warned/banned you?

Tass (moderator)

How long were you warned or banned for?

1 week
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Thats some spicy AA you got there


To clarify about the spectate part: I spectated you when "Mexican Kyle" made the sit he pmed me saying if i needed evidence he would send the clip over so I pmed him back saying I'm spectating you or something. I then watched you for a good minute just staring at the floor walking around the streets and through PD perfectly fine... like cmonbruh. The "snapping" was the view point of you looking at the ground and then looking straight at a player which maybe wasn't aimbot but was definitely some sort of anti aim/fake angles shit. I thought I recorded me spectating you but my instant replay for shadowplay was turned off for some fucking reason but that video is good enough lol.

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