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Ronsan's FailRP Warn Appeal

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In-Game Name

Dr Ronsan

Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

FailRP: Lockpicking into PD without calling PD Raid

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

After checking with Saiah on the clarification of one of the newer rules of "Sneaking into the PD is allowed without advert as long you do not attack police or raid to PD Bank. You are not allowed to defend yourself. Ex: Hobo is allowed to sneak in to jailbreak his friend. Once he's spotted, he can run but not attack the officer, even if attacked." I was told that under this rule I am allowed to lockpick into PD as long as I do not go through any props/fading doors.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?


During the sit I tried to find this rule and asked the present mods in the sit (Snitchnut/B3nz/Professional Jay Walker/SCP 343) if I was allowed to lockpick into PD without calling raid and there wasn't a clear answer besides that I had "Raided PD without advert" which is what the warn was for. I was under the assumption that I was allowed to lockpick into PD as long as I don't engage anyone and don't try to go through and props or fading doors, and a few people I was talking to also said that I should be protected under that rule, so I messaged an Admin (Saiah) asking if I was allowed to lockpick under the aforementioned rule and I was answered with a simple answer of "Yes."


To put it into full context: I was a cultist, pd lobby was locked, I wanted to get to the pd panel to heal so I lockpicked the front door and started crouching in through the lobby dupe to get to the panel when Piklas shot and killed me and asked why I was PD Raiding, my response was that I wasn't since I didn't attack anyone, and then the sit happened. I was extremely flustered during the sit as I could not quite quote this rule and it wasn't very clear to any of the people involved. I was asking some questions and Piklas was accusing me of changing my story so I said straight what I did no funny business I was trying to ask what if my intent was to actually jail-break under the other rule that says you are allowed to lockpick into PD to break someone out of jail and he told me I was changing my story so I dropped that. Then said I'll figure this out later and if any information comes up I will make an appeal so that all participating members of the sit could go back to playing, as Piklas was currently Mayor and wasn't sure by choice that the other staff was just watching/required to watch a t-mod for observation reasons.


I apologize that I do not have video proof of anything but the sit I use shadowplay and clipped it after the sit because I didn't think I was going to get a warning and then when it clipped it was too late.

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