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In-Game Name


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Why were you banned or warned?

FailRP | Non compliance | Was given verbal for FailRP eariler [I don't know if this is an accurate reason to ban for]

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I was falsely banned for non-compliance. When the staff member kept scolding me to be quiet I was agreeing so, I said to gag me if he had an issue with me defending myself. After I went quiet he told me I was going to be banned for non-compliance.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

1 Day
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Posted (edited)

Forwarding to the banning staff member.

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The staff member has been made aware of the situation.
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Hi, I am the mod that banned you. While in the sit, your mic was very loud and I couldn't hear the others so I asked you to stop talking 3 times, and when you finally stopped speaking over them, you left your mic on and was making noises into the mic. I now understand that I should've gagged you, but you were non compliant. But I will be unbanning you since I could've resolved it myself.



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