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Sal Ban Appeal

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6 minutes ago, Cobaselic said:

When you were first banned is the key.


You had 2 appeals in 2020. You alted after they were denied. Your forums account has been unbanned for awhile now. You 100% could have appealed instead of having your buddies cry in the dev stream. That "my forums account was banned" shit ain't gonna slide because it just isn't true. Like I said in my original response, you should have tried this appeal first. 

ive made appeal after appeal, all of which were denied. If I had a sliver of hope that I would get unbanned I would have made an appeal. Also, I never said my forums account was banned to Sugar because it wasnt at the time. When I say my forums account was banned, im referring to the very beginning of my ban, not recently. Im not sure why making a ban appeal would even matter anyways, it would have probably been -1ed into the ground like it already has countless times. The only reason im making this one is because it was listed in my ban reason, so I thought I actually had a chance of getting unbanned. By the looks of it, thats not the case.

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About what Coba said how he alted as well, but his original ban wasnt malicious, thats true, but Ive proved that im not a liability and I have 0 intentions to do anything relating to crashing the server again. Ive deleted every dupe that could even possibly lag or harm the server, and ive even sent the dupe to the higher ups to help fix the issue. Yes, I did alt, but like ive stated multiple times and proved multiple times, it was literally just to play on the server. Ive been constantly trying to fix what I did and show that im someone that is a good person to have around the server, so im just asking for one chance to prove that. 

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