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One That Will Be Hated


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On 1/2/2021 at 8:59 AM, Sixnut said:

Money gun no work good rn

(Enchant doesn't work)

They do but when the printers are in the rack if using an enchanted gun you have to collect from each individual printer rather than all at once with the rack.

@Sugar TitsFix dummy ty

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7 hours ago, White Crow said:

Have you based with a full printer rack? You would easily see its inferior to most ways of making cash lol.....

This post was made a full year ago, when printers made around 175% more than they do now. Look at the date of the post you quoted

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12 hours ago, Rubik said:


Use tokens to spawn in mini printers. Regular printers are limited to 2 per user I think but you can buy printers from other people. 

buff mini printer tokens and maybe people will use that.


Mini printers make less than 10% than normal printers, and the only way to stop them from exploding is to spend resources on making failsafes, which pretty much makes mini printers make no money since metal goes for around 1-2k per, and failsafes cost 8 metal to make.

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