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One That Will Be Hated


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I suggest that printers are nerfed a decent amount as they are now super op. about 4k every 50 seconds when maxed? Really? They will earn you over 80k in 10 minutes with your printers alone not to mention if you get more. At this point they will crash the economy. Last night i was on and someone was getting over 1m every 10 minutes. This will get a lot of negative feedback but it is an issue that someone needs to adress.

P.S. Think of people who have guns with a 10% more money from printer collections enchant and it is more broken...

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15 minutes ago, wae1125 said:

how do you increase the printer buy limit? noone answers me in game -.-

Use tokens to spawn in mini printers. Regular printers are limited to 2 per user I think but you can buy printers from other people. 

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