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The Puzzle (Winner gets : 100 Mil and Steam Game)


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The Puzzle


Now that we are in December I have decided to giveaway something to the community and to have a little bit of fun. 

I saw many giveaways being done but found the concept a bit boring.

So I have decided to make a game that everyone can participate in at any time without having the burden of time on them.

This will be a puzzle.




What do you mean by "Puzzle" ?

Well, some of you might be familiar with "Cicada 3301" or more recently the "Mr. Beast Puzzle". 


If you are still in the dark, here is a brief explanation :

 I will be giving you a hint at the end of this thread and with it, you need to find the next hint, and this hint will lead you to another one etc... till you find the final step and win!

The hints MIGHT lead you outside the forums, in game, discord or anywhere on the internet.  


This puzzle is not as complicated as the ones I stated above (obviously) but it is still not simple.

I have implemented a small Anti-Cheat system for people who like to skip steps.



Cicada 3301 https://youtu.be/I2O7blSSzpI

Mr. Beast : (Video deleted)







           STEAM GAME (under 100$)




1. There will be only ONE Winner


Only one person can win and what he does with the money is his choice.

The steam game will be gifted to the steam account that the winner tells me to send it to.


2. Teaming is Allowed


I am stating this because teaming is usually the way that these puzzle end quick, but I want to advise you that, only one person in the team will receive the money. 

He can scam you and not share it with you, so have trust in the people you are teaming with.


3. Scamming is Allowed


Because I want less people to team, I am making this rule. You are allowed to scam the money Prize and not share it.







These will be the conditions you will need to be able to claim the prize. 

Be aware that when the winner claims the last hint, I will be notified the time and the day he won.

So do these right now before starting the puzzle!



1. Dislike this thread (thumbs down)


2. Reply to this thread



Time limit 


This game will last until the end of this month.

If no one finds it or people find it too hard at the first steps, I might give some hints in the replies.




First hint  



Update 1 : This is going a bit faster than expected so I decided to pause the puzzle on the latest hint found. Tomorrow I will start it again. For now you can get up to 3-4 hints but after you wont be able until tomorrow. 


Update 2 : I have underestimated TitsRP's community, that is why I have updated the puzzle to be a bit harder. Do not worry, every hints you were able to find are still valid and part of the puzzle.

The Puzzle has resumed and if there is more updates you will find them here.


Update 3 : Made the first steps a bit easier so more people have the chance to play along.

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2 minutes ago, Jack Johnson said:

Thank you mr.Zek. I will now share this and post this everywhere because im a lazy retard and cant do it myself.

I forgot to mention, but this puzzle doesn't require much knowledge. Anyone can do it! Don't forget to dislike my thread!

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1 minute ago, Akumi said:

@Zek Are we allowed to discuss details of what we find in the replys? 


You are allowed, but it would only disadvantage you in my opinion because people will find it quicker and remember : Only one winner. 


Your choice :)

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