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Bug with lootcrates since the nov 26 patch

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Boxes now break fairly commonly with the error message
"We should have added an item but no item was added"
"This box has no id"

How to reproduce:

Open around 50 lootcrates and 3-5 of them will break.

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Upon further inspection it would appear that event text popping up  has a chance to completely break the crate and it cannot be reopened.
I have always absolutely despised how event text closes all trade/inventory/lootcrate windows and perhaps this can be fixed in the second wave of the QOL update.

(Replicate by opening a lootbox and staying in the opened menu until you see event text pop up then try to open the box again)

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more info

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This bug is because of some new functionality for lootboxes.


The way this is caused is by opening the lootbox, taking an item out from the first slot and then reopening it. This is fixed for the next reset!


To prevent this bug, when opening lootcrates, make sure to pull all of the items out or sell them

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