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Frisco Harassment

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1 minute ago, Cobaselic said:

No, you don't. Saying he did it is not proof. If you have no proof, stop bringing it up. I am only gonna say this one more time, if you do not have anything NEW to add, stop replying. Arguing with every single -1 is not going to help your case.

I told you to step back and calm down, looks like you haven't. Your ego is still stained. 


Look Cobaslic, I have repeated it over and over, you aren't ready to accept it please stop replying. It makes you look like a bias staff ... oops. 


This isn't a game you want to play, you are a staff and you have duties, please stop using your hate against me. 


You are being blind sighted by your rage right now, not even Frisco has that rage right now because he refuse to address my logic. 


If any higher ups is scouting this, please put a chain on Coba. He clearly isn't stable enough to continue replying on this thread.


I do apologize for this long strawman, but this thread is going in a loop if this person isn't removed. Thanks for understanding.

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4 minutes ago, Rugrat said:

yes there is a voice and chat mute function in the tab menu. If you didnt know that its fine but its beginning to seem like u didnt take any measures to get him to leave you alone. did you ask in ooc how to mute someone? did you make a sit? it looks like you just did the bare minimun of "telling him to stop" pm ing you and then tried to use that as leeway to call this harassment. you just admitted youre an alt on the other threas so i find it hard to believe that you dont know how to mute through tab or call a sit. i dont think this report will go anywhere unless you can provide evidence that he had players place a hit on you, which you have yet to do.



Being an ALT doesn't make me an alt of someone who knows everything or is an old player. Again, his intention are clear when he did not decide to make the simplest decision to not talk to me, even simpler than muting. Stop talking to me.


Why are you fixated on a visual evidence ? It's not the only form of evidence, there is logical evidence and I have provided it. If you aren't ready to accept it or deny how it's not logical. You aren't doing a good job as a staff.

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I will start by saying this is a bit of a shitshow from both sides. Shame this thread has gotten this out of hand. Frisco and "s51503QIIPU", I advise both of you read this thread in it's entirety. That being said, it's story time..


So from my understanding, Frisco sees a new player whom has 50m, and is advertising to buy t3 crates. Frisco believes this person is an alt. Instead of bring this up to a staff member, he points to this individual, and instructs them they are 'alting wrong'. 


  • Lets pause; Frisco, please keep your concerns about someone breaking the rules between you and a staff member. You are not on the staff team, so you have no right to accuse anyone directly of any wrongdoings. As  stated, if you have concerns about someone being an alt, take it to the staff team, instead of instigating them via DMs. Your message to them was not necessary. Telling someone they are alting wrong only leads me to believe you perfected the act during your most recent extended suspension, but that's just speculation. 


Carrying on, "s51503QIIPU" responds to the DM asking Frisco to stop harassing them. 


  • We can pause again; I will make this very clear. DMing someone something as stupid as "you're alting wrong" is not harassment(NOT counting anything said in VC, considering lack of evidence). The way you responded leads to many other questions, and it also adds some validity to his accusation. Whether "s51503QIIPU" is alting or not is of absolutely no concern in THIS thread. I'm not saying it's not a concern, as he is very clearly alting. I will be addressing that with "s51503QIIPU" privately. 


Moving on with our story, there is a short back and forth regarding harassment, and the technicalities of such, sprinkled with some more requests to stop. Many more requests. 


  • Let's pause again. There are some things both parties did wrong here. "s51503QIIPU" should not have responded further than his first request, and reported it to a staff member. That would immediately invalidate Frisco's shitty claim of "if a staff member doesn't tell me to stop, I don't need to stop." At that point, you could ask a staff member to ask him to stop. I'm not sure what was said in VC, but this report does not contain evidence of that, so I will move on. Frisco, given the short leash you are on, when someone asks you to stop doing something, you should probably stop being a troll and no longer do that thing. I won't tolerate you skirting just within the rules so you can annoy people and feel better about yourself. 


Final section of the story, apparently Frisco goes around asking people to put a hit on "s51503QIIPU", and that leads the user to make this report. 


  • This one is super easy. I wholeheartedly believe that is EXACTLY what you did Frisco, and the only reason you will not be punished for it is the lack of evidence. What other reason would someone put a hit on a random ass person called "s51503QIIPU"? This last claim, being the most important one, is the one with the least amount of evidence. "s51503QIIPU", if you were indeed recording, I would expect this report to contain that video. I HIGHLY suggest you include that evidence next time you decide to make a report. 


To Frisco; Stop being a minge. Honestly. I banned you from the discord because you haven't changed. When you were perma banned from this server, it wasn't just for CC scamming, Mass RDM, and whatever else. You were banned because you are toxic as shit, and we are tired of you. If you were remorseful of your actions, as stated in your appeal, you would know that reason in a heartbeat. I left you unbanned in game because I had a slight hope that I was wrong. That hope is diminished with this thread. Leave people alone. Stop instigating people, stop DMing people when asked, stop calling others out for alting, and frankly, walk on eggshells, because I'm still done with you. I don't particularly care that your appeal was voted up, I, personally, would have never accepted it. 


To "s51503QIIPU"; This situation is not really what we consider harassment. Next time something like this occurs, please request the staff intervene as soon as feasible. This is AFTER you take steps such as ignoring them, muting them, and blocking them. If you are targeted through systems such as a hitman by said individual MULTIPLE TIMES, then it's to the point you need to ask for intervention. I'm sorry you had this interaction, but as an isolated incident, this is worthy of no punishment. Referencing Frisco's history, this will be a VERY strong warning. 


TL;DR: Frisco, stop being a fucking minge PLEASE. I don't want to ban you from the server too. "s51503QIIPU" stop being petty, and collect better evidence, if you decide to make a report. 


Technically this report is ACCEPTED as a written warning to Frisco. 

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As a side note, I have confirmed the identity of "s51503QIIPU", and can assure anyone reading this he is not banned on any platforms of ours. His alting is well within the rules, and you can see the report for that here. The fact so many of you glued to his alting, and invalidated this story because of it is concerning. 

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So it's come to my attention that I mixed up a couple players. Namely Florhn and Frisco. Sorry to insult you like that Frisco. Some of my points still stand. 

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