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3 Day ban

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Why were you banned or warned?

I was banned due to "IRDM | Constant Minge | Inciting players to break rules". I was banned when I killed this mod once, and I didn't even start the fight.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I should be unbanned because the closest i can think of me "inciting players to break the rules" Which was when me and another player were adverting "Mods are KOS" when we were referring to if we saw a mod we would kill them. Also, when I killed the mod I didn't start the fight, another player did. The mod started to shoot at me which was when i shot back and then was banned.

Who warned/banned you?

Abstergo McStubbins

How long were you warned or banned for?

3 days

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6 minutes ago, Springshibe said:

"Mods are KOS" when we were referring to if we saw a mod we would kill them


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So you were mingeing for about 2 hours straight. You and your buddy were gigamuted several times for inciting people to break the rules, which you then had to be kicked for bypassing by spamming all of the cops using civillian phones. You and your friend then decided to declare open season on staff members and encourage people to kill them when they see one. I told you multiple times not to incite players to break the rules and that you can't kill people for being staff. You decided to gun me down in the middle of the road with your buddy and are now surprised that you have been punished for IRDM. You also told me in the sit you simply killed me for being a moderator. You had every single chance to read the !motd and play the game properly and chose not to. This appeal is as good as denied because you don't have any evidence to suggest the ban is false but I'm gonna let a few other staff members chime in with their opinions. Maybe somebody can help you understand how exactly you were breaking the rules because it seems my multiple attempts over the span of 2 hours fell on deaf ears. -1 of course.

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The MOTD says, and I quote "DO NOT incite players to break the rules" If you read the motd, you should know that KOSing someone without a reason is against the rules, and putting up an advert telling people to KOS a specific group of people, is inciting players to break the rules. I think you should wait out your ban. This was a very dumb decision on your end. I advise you to reread the MOTD, so that this kind of mistake doesn't happen again. KOSing without reason is RDM, and adverting that staff is KOS, is definitely inciting players to break the rules. -1

Edited by Dan Mcstubbins

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You openly admit to trying to get players to RDM staff? Bruh.

I'm going to DENY this for the reasons stated above. Don't do something stupid like this again please.

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