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The Dongalong ban appeal

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I'm probably gonna get some crossed looks for this, but that is fine. Donger what you said is not only not acceptable here on titsrp but as well as any decent interaction between two people. I see that you reached out and have since made amends with that person and I am very surprised and happy to see that your genuinely trying to right your wrongs. This was said by me on your last appeal but again if you continue this behavior or persist on saying anything toxic you will be dealt with appropriately. +1 for unban 

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The actions taken by you are not representative of what we want in this community donger. I can already see that this will just be a - 1 brigade, so I'm just going to deny it now. 


Will you ever be unbanned? I genuinely don't know. You've had a lot of chances to make things right and you aren't entitled to come back because you're sorry. You may continue to appeal in 2 weeks. 

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