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Sergeant Hardass

Sergeant Hardass's Staff Misconduct Report

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Your In-Game Name:

Sergeant Hardass

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

cobaselic, STEAM_0:0:181834257

Why are you reporting this player?:

There are 2 separate instances leading up to the reason behind this report. The first being an arrest I conducted on cobaselic, during which the current laws were AOS if weapon/swep is out. (Something along those lines, no mention of whether or not it was strictly to be enforced in public area, this can be viewed as possession of firearms w/o license to be also AOS). During this first initial encounter, cobaselic was observed to be inside his base, just outside the spawn tunnel in the fountain area. As a CP, I was doing my rounds, enforcing local ordinance; particularly weapon/swep enforcement. When nearing his base, I witnessed cobaselic shoot and kill an individual which stepped foot into their base. Be advised that his base's front door was unlocked and wide open, which is where I entered through and observed this event. Now as of that moment, cobaselic violated 2 laws, the first being the #1 default law as to not attack players and the second being the custom law of possessing a firearm. Upon observing this circumstance I swiftly ran inside, restrained cobaselic, quick wanted them and executed my arrest. Within the next 1-2 minutes since the arrest, cobaselic teleports me into a sit. He explains to me that I was in violation of MOTD rules to run inside and arrest him, claiming I require a warrant to simply enter a base, regardless whether or not the front door was unlocked/open and that the crime was in plain view. Throughout this first sit, I requested numerous times for cobaselic to cite/quote the exact text in the MOTD that outlines this violation, upon which cobaselic refused/had no intention to explain to me in further detail as to this pertaining matter. Cobaselic would claim that I could ask any administrator and that they would side with his reasoning. I'd like to add that cobaselic started this sit, facilitated his own sit and sent off a verdict on his own. Now I don't intend to claim that I know how the staff operate on this server, however I have observed in the past on TitsRP that the usual practice is to request an additional staff member to join the sit and facilitate it, I assume to prevent conflict of interest. For the record, there were many other staff members online and available on the server during this time, including staff that outranked cobaselic. - Perhaps that is something noteworthy. Cobaselic's demeanor throughout this particular instance gave off the impression of intense apathy and complete disregard of what I had to say for myself, constantly stating: "I do not wish to argue". He ends off this sit with a verbal warning and returns me back. Once returned, I decided to look into the MOTD and verify for myself if I really did violate the rules. After looking through the rules for the CP category, I discovered that I really am not in violation, at least I don't believe I am. The exact excerpt from the CP rules section is as follows: "Cops require a valid warrant in order to raid a base. Raiding a base without a warrant is FailRP." I'm not exactly sure how much more clear cut it can get. Cobaselic argued that I need a warrant to simply enter a base and perform an arrest, however the rules clearly state that I need a warrant to execute a RAID and it doesn't state anywhere the need for a warrant to solely perform an arrest. This was the first issue. The second situation is this. I stepped foot into cobaselic's base, which again is unlocked, attempting to speak with him about our previous encounter, I was not the only one to enter, a few other civilians joined in, seemingly just hanging out inside. I assume cobaselic noticed them enter and opened fire on the 2 civilians inside. As a CP, not being directly attacked and being separated by a barrier, I could not intervene via performing an arrest. The 2 civilians that were located inside along with me, returned fire in an act of self-defense. Knowing these facts, I had no reason to stop the civilians from opening fire, cobaselic and his associates shot first. So I simply stood by and watched it play out. It was only when someone inside cobaselic's base, behind the barrier, threw an explosive device at us, damaging me in the process. Now according to the rules of engagement for CP, I can only shoot back when attacked and so I did, I returned fire after being nearly blown up. At this point, is when verbal protest was heard from cobaselic and his associates, saying that I was helping the civilians raid their base and claim that I was failing RP. Shortly after one of cobaselic's associates said to kick me and so I was kicked, no sit, no explanation, no facilitating staff. Perhaps I should've just immediately warranted cobaselic's base in attempt to arrest cobaselic and his associates, they were the aggressors after all. If you argue that I should have arrested the citizens, I ask you, what for? Cobaselic didn't have any signs warning trespassers. They technically weren't in violation of law and I'm not going to arrest someone for using their weapon in self-defense, even if they shouldn't have it, keep in mind I have discretion. Cobaselic's base was obviously designed as a bate for firefights, keeping the front door purposely unlocked and open, engaging any and all for entering. I ask, what would you have done in my shoes, do you think cobaselic acted appropriately as a model player and leader on this server? I must add that unfortunately I do not have video recording as of this event, my Shadow Play is having some issues lately, but I did attempt to include all the necessary details as best I could. I give you my word that I did not state anything in any way to make myself sound better or to make cobaselic come off as a villain, simply recollecting the facts. There was also no chat used throughout this ordeal, otherwise I would have added them here. If console logs or staff logs could be obtained remotely, this incident took place as of 09/16/2020 around 10:00 PM EST. I request individuals to be civil when responding to this report and for staff to be understanding. Regards, Sergeant Hardass.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:


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Hey there Hardass, I was one of the other cops that was called into the sit with you. I have footage showing exactly what happened for one of the scenarios you mentioned, I will upload that and post it on the forums here if the staff are ok with it. Just to give some context.


That being said, I think this is definitely a gray area in the rules for CP. I've had staff tells me different things for different situations, so I am not at all supporting Cobaselic getting in trouble, but I do think a rule clearly defining scenarios like this should be put in the MOTD.

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To even step inside of a wide-open base that someone else owns even if you witness them committing a hundred crimes and you could cuff them by stepping a foot inside the door, you need a warrant. I don't necessarily agree with that rule because of how unconventional it is, but was overruled by a super admin.


"Cobaselic didn't have any signs warning trespassers."

KOS signs aren't a thing on this server. Trespassing is KOS by default for base owners because we consider trespassing raiding, both of those can be found in the MOTD and I'll quote them below. That's where the "do not raid a base without a warrant" rule comes in. The rule should be changed to say trespass to be made clearer. If someone trespasses onto private property, they are in effect committing a raid and thus violating the law. In this case it is lawful for the base owner to kill them as they are acting in self defense of property, but unless the mayor dictates it or they have a firearm license it is still not legal for them to own a firearm.


Definition of Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home. Whether you're being harmful or not, trespassing someone else's house should be considered a raid.
Trespassing makes you KoS. This means if you trespass someone's house while they are "building" you will die. If it is a public base, you must be warned to leave first.

Cops require a valid warrant in order to raid a base. Raiding a base without a warrant is FailRP.



Hopefully this can help you understand so we can reach a resolution here. I apologize for your negative experience but from what I gather from your post, Cobaselic was correct. If a staff member tells you something, you are welcome to use !staff or our Discord and message any higher-ups to confirm if it's correct or not, but to avoid any issues in the future you should comply with orders until you learn otherwise to avoid confusion. I will ask Coba to respond to this thread as well.

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I told you multiple times not to come into the base trying to arrest without a warrant. Your only response was to show you the exact rule in the MOTD. I also told you multiple times that you can contact a higher up if you needed. You refused to listen whatsoever. When I returned you originally, you were back at my base less than a minute later. 2 other cops had tried raiding me without a warrant, as you decided to join in when I was defending my base from them. Your excuse there was "I was outside". Yes, you were. But you were outside the door shooting at me inside the base while two other cops raided me without a warrant. That makes you a part of the raid as well. I bring you AGAIN, along with the two other officers, and tell you that you cannot raid someone's base without a warrant.


After I return you for the SECOND time (without any punishment), what do you do? You come and stand inside of my base, as a CP, and watch as two other players try to raid me. You, AS A CP, stand on the INSIDE of my base, and no absolutely nothing about the raiders. You say "I'm not raiding", and just stand there. I throw a grenade to defend my base, that you aren't trying to stop criminals from attacking while you're INSIDE of the base, and then say "welp that damaged me I'm part of this now". You then proceed to start JOINING THE CRIMINALS in raiding my base. I had already talked to you twice before, so I told you "you just sat back and watched as these two raid my base, and now you're trying to raid with them. You are aiding criminals as CP, you need to leave.". You say "I'm not helping them, you grenade damaged me". I tell you that if you don't leave that you will be kicked,, you refused to leave, so I kicked you.


So, I wanna get this straight.


You consider me trying to explain the rules to you during TWO separate sits as misconduct? 

You consider me having to kick you because you REFUSE to listen multiple times as misconduct?


If anybody showed misconduct here it's you. You were breaking rules. I tried explaining them. You refused to listen. 




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You blatantly broke motd rules. You are in the wrong Hardass. You should know better since you play CP most of the time. You NEED a warrant before you can raid or arrest someone who is in their base. You should also know that if someone steps in your base, they are trespassing, so Cobaselic was in the right for shooting them. Also, staff can take their own sits in order to make sure people know the rules and that order is placed. You don't need to have someone else to do the sit with them. Next time, just get a warrant. It literally just takes two seconds, dude. 

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Gonna go ahead and DENY this report for the reasons stated above.

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