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Permbanned because a glitch i didn't know about happened to me

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In-Game Name

escalera ooo

Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

Scamming 1m+. I was banned because Slick said in ooc if anyone wanted to play chess, I said sure and we were going into the game, I put the bet as 2m, he accepts the wager. The game instantly ends and I win??? for whatever reason the code is bugged asf. I do // ez because why not, and he takes it as I purposefully scammed him. I thought it was pretty funny and so did other people. He and fuel then just started saying give the money back in ooc and all that, (dont know why they didnt bring me into a sit I thought they were joking as it was ooc) and then he says "final chance" and sends me a trade offer. I decline it, as I literally won the money? regardless of whether it was a bug or not, I had no intent to scam, and it wasn't even a "scam". I then proceed to get permbanned.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

It was literally a misunderstanding. I thought they were joking because all of the warnings were in ooc rather than bringing me to a sit. Slick doesn't like me for whatever reason in the past, and he took this loss as a scam.

Who warned/banned you?

Slick McStubbins

How long were you warned or banned for?


I thought they were completely joking about me giving the money back, it wasn't a scam in any shape way or form, just bad code that occasionally forces the time to 0? im guessing because I won instantly.

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You instantly said thanks when it gave you the money:



I'm hard-pressed to believe you didn't know it was going to happen. Even if you didn't, I gave you many chances to return the money. I should have brought you to a sit, that's my bad, but I thought I made myself very clear when I asked you to return the money. I'll unban you now and give you the chance to return the money.



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