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Complaint for bias in administration, random ban.

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Your In-Game Name:

Philiperino/Jose Guerro

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:


Why are you reporting this player?:

He's a moderator, this dude fired the whole PD about 15x while Fish was not AFK clearly as chat shows... then I kill a guy for hacking the panel to demote me as I watch him do it over and over as the video shows. Anyways, I reported multiple times, even tried PMing moderators directly, noone replied... after I kill this one guy, this dude brings me into a sit, immediately jails me, ignores my explanation, then bans me for 'not complying' even though I fully explained what I did and answered all his questions... it looks like he banned me because his friend asked him to.

I mean clearly the administrator got emotional and I feel like he's clearly selectively targeting me by banning me over killing a guy for cause because I explained to him I was reporting him for not doing his job.
When he was chatting in OOC while the whole PD kept getting fired for 'No reason.' could he not have atleast said something? like asked the guy to stop? He selectively administrates clearly.

Anyways, I hope the videos let you decide for yourselves... maybe I was being a little rude to him, but I don't think that means he should not punish rulebreakers and ban people he doesn't like for unrelated reasons.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

I record literally non-stop, so here's all the relevant stuff.
Fish - Random Ban - https://youtu.be/xUkIYi0lNDs
Law N Order - Random Demote x a bunch and Fish ignoring it - https://youtu.be/RAhMAa3U_24
A second report, ignored.. I was demoted again shortly after I became CP ignored again - https://youtu.be/cozQbuX7i60

It's a long video so I can get more evidence if you need... I just figured this is enough, funny he claims he was raiding but ignored everyones sit except that guys.
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Okay well first of all. I told you many times that if you didn't comply in the sit that you would be given a punishment.  Also I was being raided, I was basing with Green, ZeMailMan, Chesmond, and others. We had a little fight with FREE NOAH and FREE _____ (forgot name) , we raided them and they attempted  to raid us multiple times. You called a sit at the worst time.


Second of all. There was 3 other staff members currently on that could have taken the sit and you decided to bother me when I decide to take a sit when I am open.


3rd. There was no reason for you to RDM someone because you feel like staff aren't good. It wasn't my problem they raided me at the time you made the sit


4th. You say I am bias since I took a sit that involved a random player I haven't even heard of in my life.


And to add on, don't complain to staff and call us bad when we miss a sit or two, next time don't break the rules and you wouldn't get into trouble. (I recommend you take a break next time you get this heated.)




"False Banned" You IRDM'd someone (Intentionally Random Death Match'd) which is 1-3 day ban. (Says under punishment guidelines) and you didn't even comply with the sit, you just kept crying over the fact that you were demoted. 


I think the ban was valid.

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I have to agree with cute fish. We don't have to bend the knee for you just because we're staff. We play the game too. Sometimes you might have to wait or recall the sit as well if we forget or get busy doing other stuff. Cute fish isn't biased at all either. He just chose to take the sit because he was finally free. -1

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Staff are not expected to take sits 24 7, this is a team effort and volunteer work. Yes, sits always are a priority and we do appreciate feedback but your problem as a whole could've been solved by making a forums report on the mayor, instead of just RDMing the hacker which is RDM. Yes, the mayor was in the wrong but when I spoke to cute fish, they thought that no reason meant that the mayor panel was hacked. I informed them that is not correct. Yes, dev is the hacker who hacked the election. Cute fish informed me that you killed the hacker WAY after the RP situation ended, and everyone moved on, why you decided to kill the hacker after all that is beyond me. I would like to talk about your behavior in game. You have a tendency of mingey behavior in game and are extremely disrespectful to staff members and refuse to listen if something isn't explicitely stated in the MOTD, despite the fact that there is a rule saying DO listen to staff. If something a staff seems fishy, then making a report is what you are supposed to do. Arguing in game and wasting staffs time is not the way to go. Regardless, that's not contrary to the explanation but I can DEFINITELY see this earning of a 1 day ban, regardless of whether or not it's RDM, FTC is a 1-3 day ban normally.

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Staff are not permitted to take sits 24/7. I haven't seen cute fish be biased twords anyone. Your evidence shows you being extremely disrespectful you were not complying at all  . Cute fish handled this situation the right away he was not disrespectful back to you , was not arguing.  You want me to demote him because he was doing his job yeah negative .cute fish showed no biased twords you or taking his " friend side"  .This is a perfect example of how staff should handle  a player that is being rude and not complying.  


Let this be a learning experience and understand staff are people too and if they are in the middle of a rp situation they have every right to sit back and relax. 



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