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AssRP Gang Recruitment

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Do-Wo3un-U4-AA2et-L.jpgASSRP GANG


AssRP gang is the best TitsRP gang by far. We level 55 and have perks listed below


- Masterful Farm

- Quick Sell

- Junk Launcher

- Precious Life

- Force Drop


If you wanna join follow the application below



Why do you wanna join AssRP (two lines, maximum) 

How many hours do you have on TitsRP?

What level are you on the server?

Do you own a CC (Custom Class)?

What's your discord tag?


Posts not related will be hidden that includes shitposting -1s and dumb shit. Comment relevant info or dont comment.

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4 minutes ago, OG BOT Dumbass said:

what happened to fuel inc


we don't talk about that cataclysmic fuck up

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I should get a % of this gang. You are stealing my server name and my name.

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Why are yall down voting a gang recruitment page lmao. Yall crack me tf up. Also I agree with Big Ass. Proceeds should go to the Big Ass Foundation. 

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Added more shit.

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