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pac stinky

Banned 3 Days For Killing Then getting off

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In-Game Name

mommy milkie margaret

Your Steam ID

mommy milkie margaret/ pac stinky

Why were you banned or warned?

Last night I was about to get off of g-mod for the night. So I stupidly decided to kill someone then log off. Then today I try to log on, then it says I am banned and extended 3 days by cuntbucket for rdm, ltap.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I believe I should have the ban either removed or taken down to 1 day, because I wasn't leaving the server to avoid punishment, I was leaving because I was tired. And personally I don't think a 3 day ban should be for 1 rdm

Who warned/banned you?

Big Ass

How long were you warned or banned for?

3 Days

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Hey! So, typically for an RDM, It's a warn. However, I saw that you had left, which lead me to believe it was an RDM and LTAP. Thanks for clarifying. Personally, I only banned you for as long as I did because of what I thought was an LTAP. I'm fine with seeing your ban reduced to one day, which would be down to about 12 hours now.

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Accepted. Cuntbucket said it was fine to unban you. You are now unbanned.

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