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This first playlist is the one i've been cultivating for the last 2 years, and is a mix of rap, house, edm, chill, lofi, drill, pretty much whatever sounds good goes in the playlist, up to like 160 sounds now or just over 10 hours of listening.




This second playlist is my "Sad Nigga Hours" playlist and is still growing. Mainly consists of Polo G, XXX, Juice WRLD and some tracks from $uicideBoy$ and others. I'd happily take suggestions for tracks that fit the vibe of this playlist.



This third and final playlist is very small and consists of lofi for easy listening. Mainly just lofi remix of biggie songs. Would love suggestions.




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A year later and I am not a peasant anymore and now use spotify, here's my updated Mega Mix playlist (20+hrs long)


the embed only includes the first 100 songs but there's like 420+ songs of various genres

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