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Cute Fish

Report On Swisher

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Your In-Game Name:

Cute Fish

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Who are you reporting?:


Why are you reporting this player?:

I was on the server and was planning on going on some raids. I saw his base and decided, why not raid this guy. I was doing well and then died when his friends came up behind me. Anyways I then waited a while and got a friend to help since there were three or four basing there. We won the raid and after that I came up to him and he said "its only been 19 minutes and you raided me I got your ass" I then say okay make a sit. He made a sit and GN Isaac took the sit and told me to give his stuff back but we were about to get off so my friends said something about destroying the procs so I tell them "Well we destroyed the procs" because that's what I thought but then he made another sit and I guess we had to give him stuff or else I would be in trouble. I gave him all his stuff back and then Isaac closed the sit and everything was good. I was on a for a while because I planned on raiding him again after the 20 minute timer was up. I waited and asked people where his base was and he decided to make another sit when isaac got off and he said that the other sit wasn't a thing, as in that there wasn't another sit and he said that he wanted me warned but when I told staff that the sit was already handled the staff member returned me and he started to be toxic in DM's and started saying that he just wanted me in trouble. I don't know if there is a punishment for this but I feel like he deserves some sort of punishment because he continued to try to get me into trouble after he got his stuff back. In conclusion he got his stuff and didn't like me so he decided to make another sit since I didn't get warned in the last one. And he also harassed me in DM's with toxic things and even admitted that he just wanted me in trouble and didn't care about the procs and stuff. In my opinion this sit was very petty since I "Raided him 19 minutes after the first raid instead of waiting the 20 minutes". Even Isaac thought that it was dumb and not needed

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

https://gyazo.com/c65452f79070860f118c607d8fed5155 - He says that he just wanted me warned since I raided him 19 mintues after the first instead of waiting 20 minutes

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I think the player who reported you is very petty indeed. Not only did he call an unneeded sit, he also dmed you, saying he wanted you to be punished. This seems to be on the level of harassment and toxicity, and those two things are a No-Go. I +1 this post in favor of corrective action to the offender.

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Is there any other proof , him just saying he wants to get you warned isn't really concerning.  The sit was petty and i knew that from the start , but like i said rules are rules.  Idk why swisher kept  bringing this sit up , it was not needed i handled the sit , had you guys give him back his stuff  and that was it . This report doesn't seem needed either.  I really suggest you ignore him and just leave it as that . If he is causing issues harassment like non stop then we will look into this , but the evidence you provided really doesn't show much or enough for punishment 

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(Please make sure to look at every screenshot)

Let me start off by saying that this whole situation started because this guy broke the rules, and raided me 2 times before the 20 minute timer for raiding the same person was up. I have proof of this in death logs.


https://gyazo.com/19e46eb0c30977edc4a5eb0479b6e5b2 (he did not START the raid 19 minutes later, he KILLED ME 19 minutes later. Meaning he started the raid even earlier than that.)


So GN Isaac takes the sit I make on him, and Cute Fish ends up NOT getting warned for breaking the rules, and is told to give me my stuff back. In response to that, Cute Fish says that he "thinks" he blew everything up.



At this point, I was fine with just going back and respawning my destroyed stuff. I even said in the chat to GN Isaac and Cute fish "sounds g if u aint imma call u but i believe u" meaning that everything was fine. https://gyazo.com/16cc282b305b8b66e0c3dbbe58bfa7b1


Until however, I get returned by GN Isaac and I try and spawn my processor that they stole and it won't spawn, which means they never blew it up. So I pm GN Isaac saying that I can't spawn in my processor. GN Isaac then teleports me and Cute Fish, and asks Cute Fish why he didn't blow up my processor. Cute Fish says he doesn't know what's going on and says that his friends were gonna blow it up later (wtf?).



So GN Isaac returns us both again after telling Cute Fish to blow it up now, and I wait a little to see if I can spawn my processor and I STILL CAN'T. So I pm GN Isaac again saying that I can't spawn my processor. Now GN Isaac teleports to Cute Fish, and I wait a little and I get a PM from Cute Fish saying "get ur ugly ass to our base in indus to get ur shit" (Ironic how he called me toxic, this was the FIRST EVER PM BETWEEN US.)



So I go to indus to find Cute Fish, and I see GN Isaac with a pickup box. The pickup box only had 2 slot tilling plots, (I had the 6 slot ones), and NO PROCESSOR STILL.



So now, GN Isaac teleports Cute Fish to ask him AGAIN where my processor is. Cute Fish responds saying "they didnt have one".  (wtf?)



GN Isaac says "oh lord" and just decides to spawn in his own processor for me and tells me to leave.

So Cute Fish just gets away with no warn by breaking the rules and raiding me twice within 20 minutes, then lying to staff saying he blew up my processor which never happened. I feel like the sit wasn't handled too great because I STILL CANNOT SPAWN MY PROCESSOR 3 HOURS LATER so that means Cute Fish or his friend currently STILL HAVE IT.


So I pm'd Fuel to get another staff's opinion on the situation. I did NOT ask Fuel to teleport me or Cute Fish. Fuel teleports me though, and I explain the entire situation to him. Fuel decides to teleport Cute Fish and we talk about what happened. Cute Fish keeps saying "the sit got handled can i be returned" or something along those lines and what ends up happening is Fuel returns Cute Fish and says "heres a ductape solution" and Fuel spawns me his tilling plots. (I did not ask for him to do this). Then fuel returns me to my base.


So now I'm back in my base, still a little salty over Cute Fish breaking the rules, lying to Isaac, and getting away with it, I pm Cute Fish saying  "them 6 slot tilling plots dont like it over there" just bantering with him because HE STILL HAS my 6 slot tilling plots AND processor.

He responded with "whats your deal" 


And then I said "I just wanted u to get warned lel" as you can see in Cute Fish's screenshot. BUT, what Cute Fish decides to NOT INCLUDE IN HIS REPORT is right after that I pm'd him saying "over now im not taking any more steps u win lol" (I was planning on being completely done with him and the situation here). 




Now, Cute Fish pm's me saying "im getting staff since you wanna make two sits to get me in trouble" "hope you know that's not allowed" "still making multiple sits after you got your stuff back"



I only made 1 sit and that was with GN Isaac, and I NEVER GOT MY STUFF BACK. I was never toxic to this player, and I never harassed him. 


He broke the rules consciously, and he should be warned for it. This screenshot is from before I even called a sit on him.



Also, he didn't raid me 19 minutes after, it was around 15 minutes after. He KILLED ME after 19 minutes and started the raid even before then.

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I  believe i have everything recorded, ima check and when i wake up ima reply again 

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The only reason I even made the Report was because after he made a sit and couldn't get me warned AND we gave all his stuff back, he kept being petty and made another sit just to get me into trouble. If I was warned it could have effected any future staff applications. It was also my birthday the day/night of this incident so it was a real mood killer.

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Funny how you keep saying that I made multiple sits and that I got all my stuff back. Seems like you didn't read my reply at all.


I debunked both of these claims WITH SCREENSHOT EVIDENCE. I only made 1 sit with Isaac, and you guys NEVER blew up my processor and let me spawn it. Someone farmed it ALL NIGHT.


GN Isaac and Fuel can both confirm this as well.


Also, you say it was a mood killer for you? My friend ragequit the server after you raided us twice within 20 minutes. He was in another admin sit during the raid and got returned while you were in our base and you killed him. Talk about a mood killer.


I urge everyone to read my entire reply because I explain the full story while Cute Fish doesn't.

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I will upload the entire sit encounter and what happen after , it will explain exactly what happened and everything.  After that i will close this due to me already dealing with this situation already at once .  Plz cute fish and swisher leave this be, there is no need to keep bringing this up . Its done and time to move on . 

I will post the vid in a bit 

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I'm completely okay with leaving this situation be, as long as everyone understands that I never harassed him, and I only made 1 sit for him breaking the rules.

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Posted (edited)

skip to 1:38 too start the sit 

sorry for the trade mark symbol have not bought the full app yet

as you can see i took the sit and it was simple from there




then came a other sit , ig cute fish didnt blow it up and i told him . he needs to give him his stuff back 

After this i thought everything was gonna be good 





i get a message from cute fish saying he didnt know what swisher had, so i tp to him to figure this out . Because i had some things i needed to take care of outside of gmod and needed to log off. but i wanted to wait until this was solved, as you can see in the video im talking to cute fish and his crew. you can see one of his friends get a pick up box and put the proc in there with other stuff. after going over and looking at this , it seems like we missed a pick up box i didnt know that was for him as you can see he leaves the pick up box and goes up stairs. i thought that pick up box was for swisher and the other one was cute fish. pick up box.  i had to edit this vid because youtube was be a pain and would not let me make it a longer vid . he goes up stairs and starts putting stuff in there , i thought that was all for him and had a proc in there . but ig it didnt as you will see in the last vid. 

one more thing so nobody takes this out of context . when i say " so he can stop pming me " i said that because i really needed to go and had some important things to take care of , but wanted to make sure everthing was okay before leaving . so it was nothing twords swisher or anything like that . had to throw that out there . yes i thought the sit was petty but i still took care of it and rules are rules.



after that i gave his stuff back , but ig the stuff he had was not all there . so i tped cute fish then i was like okay here , so i give him my proc and that was it .  but looking over the vid i see that we missed a pickup box . due to some miscommunication . swisher tried to tell me something but as you can see i was lagging bad and just left after that.



if the links dont work send me a pm on forums and ill fix it but they should

Edited by {GN} Isaac
adding something

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