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  1. In that discord conversation, you have called me a crybaby numerous times for expressing my anger in regards to the general harassment that's been obviously directed at me. Even you have a part of this by double downing and calling me a crybaby in the group you're all in. You are friends with these people, so you as a person are biased in that regard. If you can group up with them and insult me, belittle my reports; I have no idea how your input here is even warranted. For the 5th+ time, I already admitted that me telling Terrry to kill himself was stupid, it was immature. I have done it once and never done it again. But you continuously using that against me as if that warrants them non-stop shit talking me and fucking with me ingame, is fucking unfair. I've not expressed that level of toxicity since that incident almost what feels like two weeks ago, but Larrry atleast in particular has been at the same shit since. I don't understand how you're going to sit here and insult me even further and downplay even this report too, you're pulling the same cards you used on my last report with the whole point of me saying "kys" to Terrry. I have been banned for that already, I have apologized for that already. That is NO excuse for them to keep going at me non-stop, in attempts to make me quit this server. If you're a knowledged moderator, then you should know well that it's against server rule to push someone to a point where they want to quit. Even when they state that THEY WILL DO that, or atleast try to. This has stretched so far out of the bounds of 'roleplay' when I've been attacked personally time and time again. Making fun of my Twitter & its contents does not have any weight in terms of said roleplay. There is no roleplay in him blatantly shitting on me as a person and him mocking my reports, and everything I've gathered together so far. It's outright infuriating that I'm suffering from them antagonizing me, you insulting me, and the general toxicity I deal with on a day to day basis. If you have any proof of me starting drama or insulting them in the same mannerism as you guys, AFTER the first ban that I've had, or even after the report I made on him - post it. I've told you this yesterday when speaking to Cobaselic, I am all for trying to talk it out between Coconut and Terrry, maybe even Larrry, if they approached me in a way that doesn't involve mocking and harassing me. But of course, you're going to telling me to "act my age" and basically ignore it, when many other people have been banned for lesser player targeting before. Blue has stated that if either party starts drama, then a ban will be received. Since that report, I've only been dragged in more shit by Larrry, and one of his friends. Age does not matter in this case if rules are being broken. That is the only thing that matters, and the more you defend this case; the more it looks like you're just trying to save face. And to reiterate, I make no efforts to communicate in a way where it brings toxicity. I don't go out of my way to shit talk him or go against him in the same mannerisms as he does me with his friends. If you have proof of me instigating shit with him, again, post it and I'll gladly cover it.
  2. The previous report was dealt with, yes. The result was to leave eachother alone and stop the drama in its entirety. Yet you're legit starting more shit by talking shit and obviously targeting me. It's very clear that you're going to keep downplaying your actions and how I feel in regards to how I'm generally treated by both you and your friends. Also, there were others basing at the time. Albeit, neither of us can prove that I was the only one basing on the server. Nice racism, by the way.
  3. Yet you admitted that you were going to raid again before we stopped. This matter isn't only specified to raiding. Are you going to defend yourself in regards to you insulting me? The points where you were going to fuck my life over? The points where you mocked my reports in the first place? Are you ever going to talk about the shit you've said to me and others? The more you act this way, the more you prove mine, and others points.
  4. You're completely free to feel how you want, but people have raided me time and time again and I have not complained. Even in this recent raid, we killed him and his friend no problem. As I've said many times now, I have absolutely no problem being raided or even losing my entities. I cannot argue that he's a competition to him raiding me, but it's made VERY obvious from the evidence I've shown that he's only raiding me because he doesn't like me. As I've said, through gameplay he can of course raid me, but if you've looked at the pictures provided; it's obvious that the only sole purpose of his raids is to "fuck me over". I've been told to gather evidence of him targeting me, and I was even told that if he continues trying to start drama, that he'd be banned. I don't understand why I'm now being called petty for only defending myself, when he's going out of his way to make my experience here more stressful than it already is, and straight up shit talking and mocking me continuously.
  5. I make absolutely no efforts to communicate with Larrry in chat, voice. While he's able to raid me through gameplay means, he's practically admitted that he's only raiding me because it's me. At this point it's obvious what his intentions are. Was told to gather more evidence of him clearly going after me through OOC hate, and I am here to do that once again. This is pretty reoccurring, and while he isn't technically breaking rules by raiding me, he's previously stated that his intent is to pretty much bully me out of the server and or make me quit. Which I have logs of, and he's been unpunished for said statements. A pinpoint to this report: He's stated that he's raiding me because it's me. This is legitimate player targeting as per MOTD. "Encouraging other users to leave the server or quit their staff position" ^ Rule in the forums rulelist. Applies to his previous logs of him claiming he'll make me quit the server/fuck my life over. "As for Terry and You. I think you both (this would include larry as well.) need to stop interacting in any forms outside of gameplay. That means you will be expected to mute/block eachother and cease any interactions outside of gameplay. The next person caught starting more shit should be given a ban." ^Quote from Blue from my previous report. It is clear he is trying to start more shit with me by raiding me instantly and shit talking me in local chat to other players. Sorry for yet another report, but it genuinely feels isolating and that I can barely partake in core server gameplay. Thank you for reading.
  6. This is so heavily debatable, though There's been countless times where I've personally tried to report people being generally toxic in OOC, or just in general. And almost every one of those reports ends up flunked because they're "not breaking any rules". Most I get is a staff member telling the accused to simply "leave me alone" without any sort of punishment whatsoever. In my cases, I've had many people flame me and borderline insult me in OOC without any sort of punishment laid down onto them, and it's just really demotivating to even try and report it at this point. Generally, if this server was more strict on toxicity and player hate, it'd definitely be a much better place. But I guess that's sacrificing alot of community members, so maybe the server would just end up dying at that point. :")
  7. It's honestly really wild that people are able to get away this blantant toxicity and racism on this server. Saw your base last night with a sign saying "FUCK UKRAINE". This dude really doesn't belong on this server if all he enjoys doing is spreading his vile toxicity in hopes to make people upset. Common sense should really be applied to subjects like this, and I still don't understand how after all this time, this shit goes unpunished.
  8. I don't recall an instance where you raided me while I was basing with them and you actually won. The most you've ever done [WHILE I WAS AROUND], was own the doors whenever one of us crashed, forcing us to move out of our base because you couldn't raid us. (Or you just felt like being a dick at the time? I don't know your mindset because I barely even know you as a person.) While this pretty much can't be proven, I SERIOUSLY doubt this to be true considering that you both logged on at the same time and he train bombed me immediately; when he's never done that prior. You have to realize that I have done absolutely fucking nothing to you prior to me telling you 'kys' in OOC. I did not know who you were, I did not have a single conversation with you. EVER. Up until after the ban. And even then, I still haven't spoken to you outside of sits that I've made against you for clearly harassing me. If you can go into detail as to what I've said about you in terms of me 'shit talking you', then please elaborate. All I know in terms of you not liking me is apparently what you've seen on my Twitter account. Otherwise, I still have no idea what your deal is to begin with. - Again, prior to me saying kys. I can fully say, yeah, I'd be mad at someone telling me to kill myself too, I admitted it was wrong even in the sit we had and I DID apologize now that I remember. Don't know if Kio does, but I do. Said something along the lines of "Yeah I apologize for that, but you have to understand how I feel" - or some shit If I even remotely shit talked you, it'd be up to this point because I can confidently say that I hate you and your friends' guts for practically pushing me to a point where I'm on the verge of quitting the server. Even saying this, I don't even consider what I say about you is 'shit talking', but moreso expresssing my legit frustration for you and your friends' toxicity to me. Again, it's gotten to a point where me even talking in OOC about unrelated topics to unrelated people, sparks unwarranted baiting or slander from you or your friends. I actually cannot normally play this server mid-day while you guys are online because of how fucking toxic it is lmao. But I have not shit talked you in the past, prior to my ban. If you don't like endless arguing or sits, you should seriously use your head and just leave me alone. Seriously, it doesn't take an extremely smart person to understand that. Just let me play the game, don't talk to me, don't fuck with me, don't make snarky remarks whenever I'm mentioned. Unlike you, I've admitted my wrongs and I've moved past them. Do the same. EDIT: That being said, I'm going to stop going back and forth debating this same redundant shit, and leave it up for the mods+ to decide the report verdict. I'm genuinely sick of arguing this same topic over and over again.
  9. Yet you did it only on me. You, nor your friends, actually tried come into the Kingdom or any other base for that matter when you DID train bomb me or other people in the groups I was in. You made no efforts to try and raid me, you and Coconut only did it because it was >me<. You never had an actual interest in raiding us at those times; be it you knew you'd lose because Kingdom is fucking OP to defend in, or you just wanted to fuck with me or annoy me. The fact that you were told to knock it off and Coconut did it for you right after, says a whole lot about this. There's so much more to this entire situation than just train-bombing me multiple times, though. You've said it yourself in the sit with Cobaselic that the only reason you were after me in the first place, because it was 'your way of retaliation'. When I've made it so damn clear that I want you and your friends to leave me alone.
  10. There are two instances, one video of Terrry train bombing me with Terrry typing a smiley face as Picolas, and the other video is another instance of me being trainbombed after. If you doubt me, I can give you the video file creation dates. Unfortunately in the second video, I didn't end up recording long enough to where you confirm that you train bombed me. But are you going to claim you didn't actually train bomb me after?
  11. You have not liked me even prior to this incident, as again, I was told you disliked me for what I posted on my Twitter account(s). So this is a literal lie. [WHICH IS LITERAL 3D MODEL WORK LOL] And, if you have any proof of me actually shit talking you outside of me expressing my frustration of how annoying you are for going after me every single day with your friends; post it. You've done alot more than just 'raid me'. - If you'd even read the report in its entirety.
  12. I never said you were going to abuse it, Terrry was the one that claimed he was going to. - The rule break is literally targeting. Terrry then was JUST told off for training me, and then you & him get on the server to train me again, but instead of it being Terrry; it was you. You both knew what you were doing. It's not hard to figure that one out. - I have never stated I've made efforts in resolving anything, I stand confidently by the fact that I've done nothing to Terrry prior to me telling him to kill himself. I'm not going to go out of my way to apologize to someone who's constantly started shit with me when he, or your friends, have never apologized for what you've put me through yourselves. Maybe until that happens, I'd be more than happy to. [It won't happen, obviously.] - The video is linked in the report, did you not see it?
  13. How does that make any sense? The entire reasoning for me even saying that in the first place, albeit a stupid thing to say, was because he was pushing me to snap in the first place? It's legitimate generalized bullying, and weren't you part of this?
  14. Something that I was banned for and have admitted it was wrong & that I deserved the ban. Drop it, keep it out of this report. EDIT: Going to further mention that he's been harassing me even prior, so you & him using that as an excuse now is completely invalid.
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