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  1. Blacnova is gonna be extremely triggered now. RIP Sirlepepe.
  2. Draygon

    Rip me

  3. when ur not major. :reckGR: :reckF: :reckGL: Happy Birthday bb
  4. Last post on the situation: Listen I resigned on my own decisions not cause of Zesh. But he pushed me. In real life, have you ever been betrayed by your own friend? Well that's what happened to me with Zesh. He was a good friend of mine. But eventually he started to grow on me like a way to be an asshole. My friends always say rude shit in a funny way to me. Although I have no proof and I cannot prove it, Zesh said rude shit to me in a serious and meaningful manor. When I got betrayed by him like that, he started to target me and I started to talk to him less and even blocked him now. I don't understand how being betrayed is a way of saying 'GROW UP IT'S INTERNET'. I have good friends and lost one of them because they betrayed our friendship of harassing me and bullying me IRL. I'm not responding to this anymore. There is no point to bringing up this as an argument if people want to spice it up. Zesh, if you're perma banned; don't get your friends to make appeals and defend you.
  5. Fuck off with trying to get zesh unbanned. I haven't stated everything he did to me because I don't want to release every little detail. I released enough, and he makes these excuses about 'ohh I was drunk/high/tired/fed up'. Texashockey never bullied me whatsoever. He's a great guy that I got a little mad over for RDMing him one time. But he's a great friend. Also about Zesh: Remember when Sugar said we can perma ban anyone if we want if we're fed up with their actions and/or isn't a valuable person to the community as long as it isn't a witch hunt? Well, most of us are fed up with this douchebag. It can be taken like the ScorpS situation partially; nobody really likes how he acts and handles things & is a big asshole to everyone. I can think of 10 people right now that have unique and good reasons why they dislike Zesh. And not because they're in the same group of friends. Giving him more chances? He's abused many many times in his staff career, disrespected many users who just joined and made small mistakes, and acts like he's an admin and has power over EVERYONE in the dickiest of ways. I thought of accepting his apologies but I can't since what he's done to me is unacceptable. I can admit I got upset about a Texashockey RDM that day since I was damaged and Texas was aiming at me with a gun so I killed him. And I was blamed for RDM in a situation of Zesh is the one damaging me. Two of the things he said to me were said that night. And it just pushed me to the point of me being done. As I've stated, he's said worst things in the past. If you threatened to go rogue or not, you've done enough to earn the amazing rank PERMA BANNED. Zesheriam22 deserves to stay perma banned. He should go find another community and another person's experience to ruin. I agree it was my decision to resign, but it just proves how much of an asshole he really is. Also, he isn't the only reason to leave. I got bored with the server in general, and I missed talking to my other friends.
  6. Draygon


    When you can't spell Mystic, it means you're apart of Valor. Zesh said this: "Wow, no wonder you're bullied." and "Nobody in our group likes you."
  7. Draygon


    Hey everyone. It might seem like a funny meme for me to 'resign' again; but I'm done. I've gotten fed up too much lately. The things Zesh said to me hurt me to the point of slight depression. (1. Close laptop 2. Done/ 1. Resign on Tits 2. Leave Tits 3. Done) I'm not coming back as a regular no more. I might visit every once and awhile if I want. I'll be on the TeamSpeak for a bit sometimes to visit some of them peeps. Hope you don't miss me that much. Bzerk: Love you buddy. You were an amazing and hilarious friend. You helped me quite a bit, and taught me some of the great ways of racism. ScorpS on his alt: GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU AUTISTIC CUNT Ghostly: Will still love you no matter what brudda JesusFaceRetard: You were a great friend. Never stop having down syndrome Zesh: Please, don't bully me ever again or hurt me again. It pushed me to the point of this. Mr. President: I still love your YouTube vids and great jokes. Don't ever stop. TexasHockey2015: Even though you don't talk, you're a great kid. I'll never stop RDMing you. :P Glaze: I'll always talk to you bb. You're my love bubble and micspam master. Unbound: You're a cool dude mang. Stay Legend of Zelda. Alnick: Mr. Mememaster you. I love your maymays. Ask For A Beat: Them beats make me laugh. And people who make me laugh are cool. Love ya. Bladefire: Hey Meatwad, you're a pretty good dude. Enjoyed kidnapping scrubs with you. #RIPalt0n/pewdipie: You made the best application and best video on the forums. Stay in my love bubble. rolling over cats: Your meme is long overdue and died, but I still love you to this day. Karmahunter: You're a nice weeb. You're a great guy, and I love you. Blacnova: You're an autist, but in a good way. Bobo: You're a good moderator, and do your sits well. You're nice to me, so I love you for that. The Great Gazooks: Okay listen, you're a great guy. But you're also the greatest troll to live. Continue breathing until the universe comes to a close in 55 Google years. Crt: Okay Mr. Teletubbie Wiggilytuff, you are extremely nice. But you need to slow down; you're so fast, I can't even see your face reveal. Finally, IAssassin: TEAM VALOR IS THE BEST WE UNITE TOGETHER! Stay awesome bud. Notes to Sugar: -Add Mr. President to my Class -Make Glaze owner of my class -Please refund the $15 I never spent on my class -Keep the server amazing with new and spicy content -Finally, make me a user on the forums (If you want, make me the respected rank) and make me VIP in game. Anyway, goodbye everyone else. I shall now retreat back to my greatest friends before I saw the server: Heatblast727/Hetel/Hette/Hetel Holer, Boler, Alien, and Nova.
  8. I only miss the cringy maple syrup voice.
  9. I'm pretty sure I banned you. You were a cop. You went straight up to me and peaced me. I jailed you, then you left when I tried teleporting to you. This indicated to me that you needed to wait 3 days to come back on. When I see someone become a cop, then randomly kill me, it indicates that they might mass RDM or make up an excuse. Even though that would equal to an hour, you left AFTER I jailed you. So this indicates to me even more you don't give a crap. I don't really understand your ethics here. I don't have a problem with you being unbanned, it was just hard to believe that you wanted to just straight up RDM, get jailed, then leave.
  10. Yeah, wrong section. ;-;
  11. When you make a thread TO CHANGE THE MAP AFTER IT'S BEEN STATED THAT WE'RE NOT GOING TO SO MANY TIMES. CW is terrible for servers.
  13. It was though. And he was STILL NOCLIP ABUSING
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